affondamento della wilhelm gustloff

Despite the high number of civilian deaths, allegations that sinking the Gustloff constituted a war crime are largely unfounded, because of the presence of weapons and nearly 1,000 military personnel on board. Many had worked at advanced weapon bases in the Baltic[13] from Gdynia/Gotenhafen to Kiel. One of the biggest tragedy of the WWII. Unterseeboot-Lehrdivision) in the port of Gdynia, which had been occupied by Germany and renamed Gotenhafen, located near Danzig (Gdańsk). It is one of the largest shipwrecks on the Baltic Sea floor and has been attracting much interest from treasure hunters searching for the lost Amber Room. She sank taking about 9,400 people with her, probably the worst loss of life in a single sinking in maritime history. Ecco l'affondamento della Wilhelm Gustloff Wilhelm Gustloff. [17] 13 survivors died later. [15][16] The ship was overcrowded, and due to the temperature and humidity inside, many passengers defied orders not to remove their life jackets.[17]. Hansa and one torpedo boat developed mechanical problems and could not continue, leaving Wilhelm Gustloff with one torpedo boat escort, Löwe. [CDATA[ Therefore, instead of gaining the title Hero of the Soviet Union, he was awarded the lesser Order of the Red Banner. Her purposes were to provide recreational and cultural activities for German functionaries and workers, including concerts, cruises, and other holiday trips, and to serve as a public relations tool, to present "a more acceptable image of the Third Reich". Google+, © 2007-2020 oceantreasures.orgAll Rights Reserved. The torpedoing of the Wilhelm Gustloff by the Russian submarine S13 resulted in over 9000 tragic deaths, a staggering figure by any comparison. This analysis considered the passenger density based on witness reports and a simulation of escape routes and survivability with the timeline of the sinking. , //

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