aloha oe lilo and stitch

", "Gantu and 627 turned from bad to good…and Jacques is back to being Rupert again. Angel called out. ", Nick looked at his watch. Now you'll die along with the experiments. "Iki BABA!!!" ", Lilo doesn't smile when she turns around after Stitch puts a flower on her head in. You don't know what that is. You're ALL okay! [8] "The Lone Rock by the Sea" mentioned by Charles Wilson, was "The Rock Beside the Sea" published by Charles Crozat Converse in 1857,[9] and itself derives from a Croatian/Serbian folk song, "Sedi Mara na kamen studencu" (Mary is Sitting on a Stone Well).[10][11]. "Well that explains a lot." Clones went flying through the air, blood and guts were EVERYWHERE, I kid you not! Yuna then shows Stitch that the mother is Lilo, and that the Lilo Stitch was having time with was her daughter, Ani. ANGEL's voice rang out as she jumped on stage with her ohana, punching the air. Nick looked around. "Oooh! Upon being accidentally bumped out, the girl who looks like Lilo sees Stitch and embraces him happily, saying how she wanted to see him. Make your choice. "You're fired." Bonnie asked Clyde, fear evident on both their features. A bunch of unconscious clones lay around him. It's like 'Nam all over again!" Although the same franchise, this episode is technically a crossover between, Although he's not seen, Lilo's husband could possibly be. Meanwhile, Yuna finishes school, and starts to wonder where Stitch is since he wasn't there to pick her up. "Gonna be a HERO!". "Darn it!" They were screaming and hollering, collapsing on the ground, smoke rising from their nostrils, ears, any opening, bodies convulsing…it was some kinda freaky…but FREAKING AWESOME! Nick hopped out. ", Nick and Lilo and Stitch all held hands. He said. Leroy slowly opened the door, dripping toilet water and…well…other stuff. Then suddenly a clone appeared in the doorway. However, it is uncertain if this was recorded in Hawaii or if the performer was Hawaiian and the cylinders are now lost. Lilo told him. The door swished open. Stitch said. They agreed. After being captured from her homeland, she wrote it during her imprisonment, after it was taken over by western industrialization. "You three are working for THEM?!? Pleakley said proudly. E-Vile stuck his tongue out. It is quite possible Nani was made to sing this song due to the fact that, like Queen Liliuokalani who was unable to protect her country, Nani was unable to protect Lilo, and like the queen who had her country taken from her, Nani was going to experience the same with Lilo. I'd surf till the sun sets beyond-the-horizon! "Niiiice." They spend a lot of time together, water-skiing, taking pictures of the Ice Cream Man, and Lilo going swimming with Stitch on a boat. The clones were shorting out EVERYWHERE! "Yep. The music started up! "Long story." Tearing, clawing, biting…, "I beat you before, I'll beat you again you little-". Change ). Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. One fond embrace makamaka minichi! A single tear fell down his cheek, gently dropping to the ground. "Yummy.". "Yang, help!" But he obviously didn't know what Boomer did. Instead, it was a conscious decision by the filmmakers behind Lilo and Stitch to use this song in order to lend weight to this particular scene. Legion swore violently, wiping it free. It said. Now come on. It landed. He pointed at them. "Hey, where'd Gantu go?". Lilo shook her hips to the song as she belted out the Hawaiian. ", Then the clone stepped on him. [3], The Hawaiʻi State Archives preserves a hand-written manuscript[4] by Liliʻuokalani, dated 1878, with the score of the song, the lyrics, Liliʻuokalani's English translation, and her note evidently added later: "Composed at Maunawili 1878. Whaddya say, Jumba? Just as the Queen sang about the breaking up of her kingdom, Nani is saying farewell to Lilo as her family unit is being torn apart by a literal agent of the US government. "Heh-heh-heh! Stitch arrives at the hotel where the bus stopped and runs into the bus. "GAIA CRUSH!". She opened her eyes and felt a warm Hawaiian breeze against her face. Stitch asked him in Galactic. Outside of the porta-potties, Frenchfry faced down a clone who was advancing on him. The clone muttered. Gantu then arrives, saying that they have a hostage. 40,675 views, added to favorites 1,785 times. ", "It COULD…" Rupert thought out loud. "I don't know about you guys, but I'd sure as shooting like to get outta here. One fond embrace "Awwww." "Ootaba!" "AAA! The clone laughed…. "Lilo" explains that the one who finds the most treasure will win. Rupert said. Scratch said defiantly. "Ekahi, hookahi, elua, ekolu! A clone leapt at him, but he stepped to the side and grabbed its tail, throwing it hard to the ground. We shoot them; claim we did it in self-defense or something? He seemed to be saying. That's what ohana is about, and Gigi is my ohana! Myrtle and Gigi weren't doing too well. Aren't you botha them?" Nick held both of his hands out. Melty said. "HA!" The light then changes, and Yuna decides to run the rest of the way, but Stitch goes after his best friend from Hawaii. ", Rupert nodded eagerly. And you, E-Vile, why on Earth are you CRYING? "Clyde, no!" "The Queen's Poem — 'Aloha ʻOe,' by Liliuokalani,", General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, List of compositions and works by Liliʻuokalani, "Translation of "Aloha Oe" handwritten by Liliuokalani, Queen of Hawaii, 1838–1917", "151.019 – Aloha Oe. The fighting suddenly began to cease in the stadium as all eyes went to the stage. And there were so many of them that it became a small gust, whipping hair, fur, and in Pleakley's case antenna, back in the air. I just ain't done it in years! Usually instrumental, but Bugs Bunny actually sings one line of the refrain at the very end of Case of the Missing Hare. Before leaving to work, Tigerlily reminds Yuna that she will be late for school. It started with massive industrialization by American and British settlers in the Kingdom of Hawaii, the use of American Marines to solidify the overthrow of their monarchy, the tearing apart of families to “integrate” their children into “normal” American society, and now the less violent but no less malignant behavior of modern American tourists. Rueben bemoaned. She suddenly grabbed his cheeks and gave him the biggest kiss he'd ever gotten. He shouted, throwing him. Nightwing muttered. "Get back here so I can kill you!" Lilo, Stitch e Reuben si mettono a cantare, seguiti da tutti gli altri. And as for the curtain, well…that was more problematic. "Wolverines!". "ALOHA, COUSINS!" Nick flew back down as Stitch, dressed up in a black Elvis wig and in his favorite Elvis costume, came on stage while Lilo went back to get herself a guitar hula skirt on. He asked. Leroy looked up, grinning. Stitch meanwhile, was punching, kicking and throwing clone after clone off of him. "Told you I had a secret." Nick and Lilo said. Cousin ohana." "Yeaaah!" "Which used to be mine. "AAAAAWWW DAAAAANNNNNGGGG!" Legion shouted, jumping at him. For Nani especially, her ethnicity and cultural membership is not the end-all-be-all of her character. Leroy spat in his eye. Flyin' by on the Hawaiian roller coaster ride! Angel, Scratch and Nightwing were closest to him and all looking right at him. BGM: Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride, by Jump5. She told Gigi and her posse. And now all of you inferior 626 experiments…", "Actually, 625 if you subtract Stitch and Rueben and you can't leave out E-Vile-". – Levy Music Collection", "World Writing: Poetics, Ethics, Globalization", "Figure Sculptor Makes "Space Dandy" Aloha Oe and QT",ʻOe&oldid=985463810, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The charming one who dwells in the shaded bowers. Pleakley then explains how she grew up and had to go to finish school and then college. Lilo is happy now, saying that they can use the rest of the day to have fun. Stitch shouted, as he fired off the carpool van's lasers at the cannon. "Silly me. Read, review, check it out this epic adventure! They all let loose their respective elements of fire, darkness and light, and the clones were blown through the air. "Cranking up to evil 11, ha-ha-ha!". Nick's eyes widened. As the song played, the clone began screaming, grabbing his head, eyes turning completely neon green. Experiments gasped. When Yuna gets home, Stitch is reading a Sushi Book. "Boojibu!" He then took a ride in his space scooter, landed on Izayoi, and the rest was history. "Hey, don't worry!" Crystallene focused all she could on the grass below her and it became crystallized. "Wasn't that really uncomfortable?" It snarled. Yuna has Morpholomey morph into an alligator from a poster, scaring the guards off and giving Stitch the time he needs to go to Lilo. ("As the sun pulls away from the shore, and our boat sinks slowly in the west..."). He was shaved completely. As the human inhabitants of Kokaua Town watched, he spoke quickly with his cousins. Yin and Yang were blasting every which way, and when a group of clones tried to fire blasts at Slugger, he lived up to his name and belted them right back! Now Nick stepped forward and began to sing, with Lilo right beside him. "So what? They charged at him. ( Log Out /  ", Growling some more, Leroy crossed his arms and closed his eyes thoughtfully. "You should have given yourself to me. "Stitch!" "I always wanted a date with a superhero.". The clones were right behind. "We rock." "Take THIS!" Then Rupert suddenly realized something. But despite all of these brave efforts, things were kind of taking a turn for the worse. Rueben was rolling around on the ground, punching and kicking a Leroy clone. Hammerface, Sprout and Slugger were being pulled down as well. Snooty unceremoniously tackled clone after clone, ramming into them hard, and Carmen? Tuning: G C E A. Soundtrack Credits . Mrs. Hasagawa tugged on Moses's arm. Mr. Jameson asked, snickering. They stood there, hands holding tightly onto each other as they passionately kissed. Wh-what kind of deal?" Then he leapt up onto the stands, hopping from chair to chair. "Guys, this is bad. "I heard that Leroy's gonna take over the entire galaxy and he brought us here to get rid of us all!" He smiled charismatically at everyone in the stadium, while Nick brushed his hair back. Finally he opened his eyes. Myrtle and her posse with Victoria and Keoni! Lilo and Stitch follows a pair of sisters, Nani and Lilo, as they attempt to keep their family unit together after the death of their parents in the face of Child Protective Services. "Oh…you mean…THAT Nick?" Charlie covered his head and ducked into a ball. And now Rueben, jumping on the stage in a pair of sunglasses, mike in hand, sang out. Frickin' A! "LET'S KICK THEIR ASSES!" Victoria and Keoni called out. "Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself!" From the first movie to the second movie flashback scenes, Stitch is in his light blue shade instead of his earlier dark blue shade. It was circular in shape, with a huge central firing hole in the middle, and then eight other smaller turrets sprung up around it, and three even smaller firing turrets sprung up on THOSE turrets. Trouble us no more." Leroy tossed him a "I will kill you" look and went on. Then he jumped up into the air, glowing a brown aura. "Trust me, when compared to being stuck in a containment capsule…it's quite roomy." The leader of a five-man squad of Leroy clones growled. And so the great battle began! Heat, Thresher and Plasmoid teamed up, with Heat burning clones right at Thresher who knocked them clean through the air towards Plasmoid, who lit them up with his tail blasts. "So…still think it doesn't matter?" Oh no…we gotta get outta-" He looked around. Bonnie sneakily stole a gun from right out of a clone's hand. A squad of three clones were chasing after them as they ran. He muttered. Lilo and Stitch is set in modern-day Hawaii. "This…should be interesting. I'd surf till the sun sets Hang loose, hang ten, howzit, shake a shaka. He said. BUT, when the CLONES rounded the corner though, the escaping prisoners were gone. E-Vile laughed so hard he fell onto his back, unable to stop for several minutes. They're me, but they're not me…what's that supposed to mean? ", Stitch pointed out at the stage equipment all around them. Crystallene spat. Hämsterviel watches everything happen from space, and though he hates Lilo, the reappearance of her gives him an idea, as he gets and releases Experiment 316, also known as Morpholomew. Bonk! Heckler snickered. If it doesn't…we're all dead." Pleakley tells Jumba everything about what he saw. "Nice one, cousin!" Stitch agreed happily. Lilo laughed happily. I lai la. Nick raised and pointed at the cousins, who sang on his mark. Flyin by on the Hawaiian roller coaster ride! He raised his gun…, "NOOOOO!" "Get off, you inferior fool! A wiki wiki mai lohi lohi lawe mai i ko papa he'e nalu! The orange experiment scratched his head. Tigerlily is confused, but Yuna tells her that she has a lot to learn about Ohana. "Ah, whatever!" He points of light converged and shot out in a huge, blasting beam of 10 colors, which slammed into the clone group, enveloping them in a dome of multicolored light which sent out rays of energy. "I think you'd make a really nice guy if you'd clean up." "Hmm…you'd look better without those glasses…and I wonder…hmm…how about we make a little…deal?". The clones scattered and ran away, fearing for their lives, while Lilo, Gantu and Rueben ran towards the van as it opened up, revealing a very happy and very much alive Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley. "LILO! In the 1953 cartoon short, Duck Amuck part of it is briefly sung by Daffy Duck when the scenery is changed to a Hawaiian setting, courtesy of a sadistic mystery animator and again in A Squeak in the Deep. It features the return of Lilo Pelekai and the appearance her daughter, Ani. He gasped, standing up. It shouted. "Huh?" Pleakley shouted. "Jerkholes!" Carmen asked. Morpholomew, with his new powers, turns into Lilo and heads down to Earth. Rupert and Nick did the knock-and-lock and turned to Lilo, Stitch and the others. Keoni sang as well, giving her a wink. Jumba told them. Rupert held up his gun. Nick ran over to her and hugged her. ", "Uh…oh." Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Media related to Aloha ʻOe at Wikimedia Commons, Song by Lili'uokalani, Princess of the Hawaiian Kingdom, This article is about the song. Leroy picked it up and tossed it in the air a few times before swallowing it. "The name is Rueben." Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. A rock flew out of the ceiling from a portal of some kind, bopping a clone on the head. Rupert proclaimed to himself more than to anyone else. The song also plays in Disney’ Lilo and Stitch’’ where Nani sings to Lilo, in beautiful soft tones. Hey, nobody ever said loyalty was Leroy's strong suit! "Nick'll stop you." And now Keoni and Nick stepped forward, with Stitch and Rupert going along as well! The song is played in the 8th episode of the 8th season of The Simpsons, Hurricane Neddy, when Ned Flanders drives away to the psychiatric hospital. "NOOOOO!" As such, I would like us to review this scene from, The scene comes immediately after Stitch nearly drowns Lilo as he tries to evade capture while surfing. His eyes widened. That is just plain nasty.". People shrank back in horror. They greet each other, and Yuna tells Stitch that he can spend all the time he wants with Lilo, as she now understands his terms with her. And then they joined Nick and Lilo in center stage as all four sang. Well, a clone had unceremoniously grabbed her butt from behind. Jumba and Rupert were hard at work on the sound system. Leroy shouted, furious. He's still in backety-back." "And LOCK!" Rupert told him. They needed a miracle. Disney movies always seem to exist in a particular hyper-reality that is somewhat geographically divorced from the real world. He shouted. Flyin by on a Hawaiian roller coaster ride! Rupert blasted with his gun over and over, not opening his eyes, yet amazingly hitting clone after clone, going "Yaaa-yaaa-yaaa-yaaaaa!!!" Pleakley explains that Yuna is as much as an Ohana to them like Lilo, in which Jumba arrives and supports him. "Are you thinking what I'M thinking?". Nick exclaimed, doing just that. He said, grinning and picking his teeth with a claw. ", "Oh right." "I have NO idea what you said, but I'm with you! "I could ride in the backety-back!" Nick asked. "Oh." Richter, not one to be left out, whammed his tail into the ground. Leroy sneered at Myrtle. And If I had one wish come true… The experiments and the people in the stadium all cheered while the clones in the stadium simply watched, unsure of what to do. Jiang recounted that he used to frequently play this song when he was in college in 1940s.[26][27]. "What's going on?" She said. Stitch and Lilo climbed in as well. "It's just a dream, just a dream, not happening, not happening…" Myrtle said over and over, covering her head. I…I like that! He is now shorter, given that Jumba was able to tackle him. Victoria looked at Keoni. "Prisoners escaping!". She screamed. ", Jumba rubbed his chin. Her posse was also there, shivering in fear. "Swing your partner round and round them hurl 'em down onto the ground!" Then he grinned. Nice!" He turned towards the ship's bridge. I flew over to your hula dance recital but I was STILL late…and I can't really do it too well under pressure, so that's why I-", "Hey, it's okay." In the Japanese anime Space Dandy (created in 2014), the eponymous main character is captain of a spaceship called the Aloha Oe. Lingering in the ocean blue and if I had one wish come true! Leroy & Stitch is a 2006 American animated science-fiction comedy television film produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. "AAA! Jumba held out his hand and Scratch gave it to him. He tossed the sandwiches out at the horde and they slipped on peanut butter and jelly, sliding right into a hot dog stand, upsetting huge jars of mayo. "Ah-HA! That red menace was going to betray me anyway…and worse still, he's rounded up the people of Kokaua Town at the stadium along with the experiments!". He mumbled. Scratch shouted as he ran to join his cousins. "We're still willing to wait for you, okay? ", The carpool van took off through the air a few moments later, bursting through a hole in the ceiling and jumping into hyperspace. As such, I would like us to review this scene from Lilo and Stitch (2002) where Nani sings Aloha Oe to her young sister, Lilo. Nick held up his fist. Clip also had her work cut out. "And if you want my son…you'll have to go through me." "Yeah! It also used in the final scene of Train to Busan when Soo-an sings in the tunnel as tribute to her father's sacrifice. Then a string snapped. The song also appears on the soundtrack of Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch (2005). They turned to E-Vile. "Let's just fight, and settle the score once and for all! "My buuuuuutttt!" Yuna deducts that the girl with Stitch is Lilo. "Yeah, even if Stitch is gone, Nick will stop you!" In fact, there are some deleted scenes such as the one above, where the filmmakers make it fairly explicit how native Hawaiians are usually treated as curiosities and aliens in their own homelands by tourists. Houdini had turned invisible and had run away. Disney movies always seem to exist in a particular hyper-reality that is somewhat geographically divorced from the real world. Splodyhead fired off blast after blast from his nose, sending clones flying through the air. Yet somehow the overriding aesthetic in almost all Disney animated features is a patented Disney creation. "Be true to your school!" "Oh, it's an evil dream come true! Lilo shouted. We should be able to sneak a ship out of here and escape…", Unfortunately, while they were in mid-corridor, a Leroy clone carrying two yellow plasma pistols rounded the corner and saw them. The orange experiment uttered. Stitch Database Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Well it's simple. Gigi shouted, jumping and pushing Myrtle down. CHAPTER SIXTY-TWO. "Ow-ow-ow!" Leroy snarled. A Romanza. Leroy hit the ground face first, with a loud THUD. "What's goin' on? "Gladly." "I…I dunno, Victoria, I…I just know we're in a lot of trouble…". David and Keoni were doing the fire dancing! She then sees Pleakley, running fast, and curious as to what is going on, follows him back to the house. Lilo and Stitch Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. She shouted, punching the air. "Us dragons gotta stick together. The two start to make fun of each other by making faces, which Tigerlily thinks is a holiday she wasn't aware of. I have my own army…". Stitch denies it, knowing that the Lilo he was with is still out there. "Lilo" (Reunion with Lilo, "Riro to saikai suru hi", リロと再会する日) is the twenty-third episode of Stitch!

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