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accento delle smorte labbra sarà il nome vostro soave, Regina del Rosario In his History of the Shrine of Pompeii, Longo recounts: ‘I have written these pages in my little study [...]. Figure 8. In fact, one of the best views of the Roman city’s amphitheatre can be enjoyed from the shrine’s grand bell-tower, which rises up to the north-east of the archaeological excavations. Darsan: Seeing the Divine Image in India, Chambersburg, PA: Anima Books. I would argue that, for these people, the sanctuary literature created and codified a legendary topography – a part-material, part-imaginary entity that I have been calling, in my project, ‘the enchanted valley’. We have also looked briefly beyond the Valley of Pompeii, to think about how devotion to the Madonna of Pompeii changed as it travelled across borders and took on material form in new national and religious contexts. Hail Mary. Voi siete ‘On one hand, a volcano’s eruption is a potential threat’, she writes, ‘but, on the other hand, its soil is very fertile and important for the people who live on agriculture’. Wherefore, good Mother, as I am thine own, keep me, guard me as thy property and possession. The 80-metre (260 ft) bell tower built between 1912 and 1925 was designed by Aristide Leonori, assisted by his brother Pio Leonori. all'inferno, e Voi sola ci strappate dalle mani di Satana, o Maria. E quel testamento di un Dio, suggellato col sangue di un Uomo-Dio, vi dichiarava Madre nostra, Madre dei peccatori. tips[17]='My Queen, My Mother, I offer myself entirely to thee. Instead, later versions of the prayer omit the last phrase about ‘the spot where idols and demons were formerly worshipped’ – an edit which, we might surmise, was made in response to the growing international reach of this prayer – so central to Pompeian devotion. At Walsingham, as at Pompeii, ‘there is a sense of the past having a certain agency and urgency in the present’, and ‘there is also the sense of the ghost as an image – a visual, embodied representation of the past – that can touch the living’ (Coleman 2009: 18). document.write(tiptitle) Eck, Diana. . In other passages of his writing Bartolo Longo uses the ruins to explore the notion of rebirth, imagining the New Pompeii rising up like a phoenix from the ashes of antiquity. Roman archaeological finds and medieval burials pushed their way to the surface, making themselves known after centuries in the underground darkness. Siate ovunque benedetta, oggi e sempre, in O Mary! parenti, dei nostri amici, dei nostri fratelli estinti, e soprattutto dei tips[4]='It becomes you to be mindful of us, as you stand near Him who granted you all graces, for you are the Mother of God and our Queen. che miriamo nella vostra mano, c'ispirano fiducia che noi saremo esauditi. «Esorto tutti ad unirsi spiritualmente a questo popolare atto di fede e di devozione, affinché per intercessione della Vergine Santa, il Signore conceda misericordia e pace alla Chiesa e al mondo intero». Originally bought by Dominican priest Alberto Radente for eight carlini in Naples, it was offered to Bartolo Longo on the 13 November 1875 for the church he was building in Pompei. In like manner, obtain for the Holy Church victory over Her enemies and the spread of Jesus kingdom over the whole earth. Screenshot from the sanctuary’s website: a portal leading to different translations of the Supplica (‘Petition’) prayer authored by Bartolo Longo in 1883. Grazie! Over the last few years, I have been spending time in the sanctuary examining the large collection of ex-votos and other objects, while also accumulating data from the rich archive of books, magazine and diaries. tips[2]='O Blessed Virgin, grant that we may come to Thy Son through Thee, who hast found grace, engendered life, and art the Mother of salvation. Sostenete Aleteia anche solo con un dollaro – ci vuole un minuto. Mary, my mother, teach me to understand my suffering as you do and to endure it in union with the suffering of Jesus. With thanks to Urmila Mohan, David Morgan, and Mons. Caggiano, Pietro, Rak, Michele and Turchini, Angelo (1990) Sweet Mother, Pompei Delegazione Pontificia, Cava dei Tirreni: Arte Grafiche Di Mauro [Italian title: La Madre Bella]. Amen' It is true that although we are your children we are the first to crucify Jesus by our sins and to pierce anew your heart. Amen' The 79CE eruption of Vesuvius alone had deposited layers of white and grey pumice which were interwoven with ash layers of pyroclastic surge and flow deposits; these Roman layers are sandwiched between earlier and later strata which include green pumice-fall, fluviatile sands, gravel, yellow-brown volcanic ash and dark brown mudflow [3]. meritevoli dei più aspri flagelli. On the one hand, Longo was committed to strengthening relationships with the divine, particularly via the thaumaturgic image of the Madonna of Pompeii (Fig. To you I come, before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful. Hail Mary. Graciously be my guide and counselor in this valley of tears. Vogel and Märker (2010) ‘Reconstructing the Roman topography and environmental features of the Sarno River Plain (Italy) before the AD 79 eruption of Somma–Vesuvius’, Geomorphology 115: pp. Se state leggendo questo articolo, è grazie alla vostra generosità e a quella di molte altre persone come voi che rendono possibile il progetto evangelizzatore di Aleteia. Figure 4. E noi confidiamo pienamente in Voi, ci gettiamo ai vostri piedi, ci abbandoniamo come deboli figli tra le braccia della più tenera fra le madri, ed oggi stesso, sì, oggi da Voi aspettiamo le sospirate grazie. Teach my searching heart to know that God Love for me is unchanging and unchangeable; and, that true human love can only begin and grow by touching His Love. I. show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb. tips[28]='O Mary Immaculate, Virgin so fair Mother of Our Savior, please hear my prayer, intercede dearest Mother to your heavenly Son. Supplica to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Pompei The shrine dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary Blessed Bartolo Longo started restoring a church in disrepair in October 1873 and promoted a festival in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary. Amen' Supplica alla Madonna di Pompei (da recitarsi l'8 maggio e la prima domenica di ottobre a mezzogiorno) I. This rose garden once stood in the sanctuary grounds, and provided the roses that decorated the church and which were distributed from the altar on the feast of Pentecost. Focussing on the writings of the sanctuary’s founder, Blessed Bartolo Longo (1841-1926), I explore how far early devotion at Pompeii was anchored within the local terrain – a complex, enchanted landscape made up of multiple layers, both historical and geomorphological. Bronze age inhabitants, Greek colonisers, Etruscan settlers, Samnites, Romans and medieval Christians – all these communities and eras left their marks or ‘traces’ on the area around Pompeii. Amen' endobj Figure 3. | Verona | Vicenza Pietà, deh! Coleman, Simon (2009) ‘Mary on the Margins? There are none that can withstand your power. The shrine dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The venerated painting depicts the Virgin Mary and Child Jesus presenting rosaries to Saint Dominic and Saint Catherine of Siena. The image is a close copy of the painting in the Pompeii sanctuary. The sanctuary at Pompeii was deeply rooted within its ancient landscape. Tu ci sarai conforto (say three times.) “It is through the most Blessed Virgin Mary that Jesus Christ came into the world, and it is also through her that he will reign in the world.”. Regina delle vittorie, deh! Ogni mese pubblichiamo 2.450 articoli e circa 40 video. According to God plan, obtain for me the healing I need. degl'idoli e dei demoni, effondiamo con lacrime gli affetti del nostro var today_date=today_obj.getDate() Essa si recita due volte l’anno: l’ 8 Maggio, che è l’anniversario della posa della prima pietra del Santuario di Pompei avvenuta nel 1876, e la prima domenica di Ottobre, il mese dedicato al Rosario. It was again finally restored by Vatican artists in 1965. Amen' O Rosario benedetto di A detail from a canvas by Maestro Franco Gracco displayed in one of the corridors of the Pompeii sanctuary. tips[12]='Our Lady of The Sacred Heart Remember, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, what ineffable power thy divine Son hath given thee over His own adorable Heart. Il vostro Cuore di Madre non patirà di veder noi, vostri figli, perduti. Amen' One of its most significant features is the deep history of its surrounding landscape. Today the two populations of visitors (archaeological ‘tourist’ and religious ‘pilgrim’) rarely cross paths, but this belies the fact that the ‘Two Pompeiis’ have a long and fascinating history of interaction. Travelling artefacts such as these rose petals, telegrams and holy prayer cards may have cultivated a longing for the physical landscape of Pompeii – or at least a curiosity about it. In this essay I introduce my ongoing research project on the Catholic sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary in Pompeii, Italy. Hail Mary. 4 0 obj Amen' This rootedness becomes even more striking when we consider Pompeii as a global phenomenon. In the Valley of Pompeii, these ruins became part of a wider ‘legendary topography’ [4] which revolved as much around the geological contours of the landscape as around the historical elements. vostra Corona, agli antichi trionfi del vostro Rosario, onde siete chiamata Bartolo Longo composed the “Novena of Petition” in July of 1879, testing it to himself while he suffered of typhoid fever. l'Onnipotente per grazia. Bartolo Longo definì la Supplica “Ora del Mondo” in ragione del fatto che, contemporaneamente, in diverse parti della terra, milioni di fedeli si ritrovano per recitarla. We have seen how distant devotees of the Madonna of Pompeii forged connections with the Vesuvian site in a variety of ways, for instance via material objects that originated in Pompeii (roses, magazines, holy images) or by the manufacture of new images, such as the statue and digital thanksgiving made in Kaikamba in India. II. O star of the sea, Help me and show me herein you are my mother, O Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart To succour me in my necessity. Have pity on the loneliness of our hearts. Amen' Misericordia per tutti, o Madre di Misericordia. O Mary, conceived with out sin, Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Amen' This image of the Madonna and Child handing rosaries to St Catherine and St Dominic is one of the most instantly-recognisable scenes of Italian Catholic visual culture; it is found propped up on bedside-tables, etched into roadside shrines, hanging in side-chapels in provincial churches, and stuck onto the windscreens of cars, buses and motorcycles. They are our brothers and your children who cause the heart of our sweet Jesus to bleed and who sadden your most sensitive heart. The Catholic sanctuary’s founder Bartolo Longo was fascinated by the different temporal scales and strata of his ‘new’ city, and by the multiple trans-historical dialogues that were unfolding around him. Obtain for me, through the Precious Blood of your Divine Son, the forgiveness of my sins, the salvation of my soul, and the means necessary to obtain it. Oggi mostratevi a tutti, qual siete, Regina di pace e di perdono. Full of trust in thy merits, we come before thee and beg thy protection. .css-tadcwa:hover{-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}Gelsomino Del Guercio - @media screen and (max-width:767px){.css-ij9gf6 .date-separator{display:none;}.css-ij9gf6 .date-updated{display:block;width:100%;}}pubblicato il 07/05/20. You are our Mother, we desire ever to remain your devout children. tips[3]='O Blessed Virgin, through the grace which Thou hast found before God, through the favour which Thou didst merit, through the mercy which He hast granted Thee, grant that He, who, through Thee deigned to partake of our infirmity and misery, may make us, through Thee, share in His glory and beatitude: Jesus Christ, Thy Son and Our Lord, who is above all, God blessed forever and ever. tips[1]='Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. pietà oggi imploriamo per le nazioni traviate, per tutta l'Europa, per tutto il mondo, che torni pentito secolo ad innalzarvi un Tempio in Pompei, qui prostrati ai vostri piedi, in Note the addition of Vesuvius and the archaeological excavations in the background – features which situate as well as shape Catholic veneration in Pompeii. Benedite il nostro Vescovo, i Sacerdoti e particolarmente tutti coloro che zelano l’onore del vostro Santuario. May her response, born of a humble heart, draw Your Spirit to rest on Your people. Although Pompeii has many things in common with other nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century Marian pilgrimage sites such as La Salette, Lourdes and Fátima, in other ways this Italian sanctuary is entirely unique. no! Il Bambino che noi vediamo sulle vostre ginocchia, e la mistica corona che miriamo nella vostra mano, c’ispirano fiducia che noi saremo esauditi. The commemoration of Our Lady of Pompeii occurs on May the 8th. sedete coronata Regina alla destra del vostro Figliuolo, circondata di tips[27]='O Lady of Mental Peace, Mother of Tranquility and Mother of Hope, look upon me in this time of my weakness and unrest. From this room I behold the summit of Mount Gauro, made memorable by the apparition of the Archangel Saint Michael to Saint Catello, Bishop of Castellammare […]. These different accounts of the area’s layered history and geomorphology enabled Longo to draw connections and contrasts with his own building projects, and to use the antiquity of the Pompeian valley to help shape the identity of his nascent Catholic shrine. And when this life is over for me, This last request I ask of thee: Obtain for me in heaven this grace, To see my God there face to face; Obtain for me in heaven this grace, To see my God there face to face. At the same time, imagining and reading about a landscape is not the same as exploring it in person. Help us for the sake of the King, the Lord God and Master who was born of you. Figures 7 and 8 show a pair of examples which particularly struck Urmila Mohan and I, as we were browsing through photographs of various international churches and holy images dedicated to Our Lady of Pompeii. Pietà vi prenda, o Madre buona, pietà di noi, delle anime nostre, delle nostre famiglie, dei nostri parenti, dei nostri amici, dei nostri fratelli estinti, e soprattutto dei nostri nemici, e di tanti che si dicono cristiani, e pur dilacerano il Cuore amabile del vostro Figliuolo. aggiungete ancor questo, o Madre: concedete il trionfo alla Religione e la pace alla umana società. | Pordenone | Treviso make your Name again glorious in the shrine once renowned throughout England by your visits, favours, and many miracles. Our Lady of Pompeii - "The Supplica" May 7 is the Feast of La Madonna del Santo Rosario di Pompei Among the prayers used on this day is Blessed Bartolo Longo's prayer, the Supplica, meaning supplication or petition, which is traditionally said at noontime. Mary all who seek your help experience your unfailing protection. Leggi anche:La beata Elena Aiello è stata guarita dalla Madonna di Pompei: la storia del miracolo. Have pity on the weakness of our faith and love. Amen. E proprio nel Santuario mariano, dove è conservato il quadro di Luca Giordano che rappresenta la Vergine Maria, ogni anno sono sempre tanti i fedeli che si recano a rendere onore alla loro Mamma, come amorevolmente la chiamano. perduti. – Che vi costa, o Maria, l’esaudirci? Thank you for your mercy towards me and mine. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto you, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. Behind the sanctuary dome is the monumental bell-tower, which was dedicated by Bartolo Longo in 1925, the year before his death. Blessed Bartolo wrote the prayer after converting from a Satanist priest to the Catholic Faith. To give an example from my project on the classical ruins: when I review the data from the RNP, it becomes clear that the early issues from the 1880s contain frequent references to the archaeological site; however, over subsequent years, references to the archaeological site became much less frequent, and instead give way to reports and letters from the sanctuary’s new international parishes. David Morgan’s words here show the importance of context in understanding the specific (in this case political) meanings of gaze in Marian iconography. Ogni mese, i nostri lettori visionano più di 50 milioni di pagine.

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