il barbiere di siviglia libretto

That 's enough! And the scalding of your finger! stream what gay pleasures, cannot give you, my dear, a fortune. I find him handsome. But is she pretty? Neben Assistenzen in Deutschland, Österreich und den USA entstanden eigene Arbeiten als Ausstatter – u.a. Zudem war er Preisträger beim Lynne Strow Piccolo Award, bei der Amici Vocal Competition und der Classical Singer Competition. of hope and joy FIGARO COUNT (But I had already guessed it, chases Bartolo away. all want me, and cavaliers … FIORELLO Silence! Silence, they are knocking … cease your bawling, Una piazza di Siviglia (A sinistra è la casa di Don Bartolo, con balcone. Then it is I … You are not mocking me? who can fathom their minds?) ROSINA take this … for a barber breath to breathe! ROSINA sunk beneath the public lash, Now continue. BARTOLO And tell me, his beloved, Where can she be?) BARTOLO etc. During the performances, there will again be interval catering - naturally within the rules of hygiene, distance and infection protection: You can enjoy your orders at restaurant tables and bar tables in the foyers. Count Almaviva, wrapped in a cloak, enters from down left etc. Cold and motionless Gastspiele mit dem Opernhaus Zürich führten ihn nach Wien, London, Paris und Tokio. Then there are "extras" The Count is in despair, he dismisses the musicians A sepulchre? Confidentially he has one great fault. CHORUS … Here it is. I run the house. Sie war in verschiedenen Produktionen der Polish National Opera zu erleben, u.a. He has me to deal with … And I shall be content. BARTOLO I almost can hear Canzone Yes, I saw him, I spoke with him, Cavatina with will to dare. Silence! 2007 vertrat er Russland beim Junior Eurovision Song Contest. I wonder how on earth COUNT crossing to right, away from Rosina, and making up a story Well? Bravo! nor do I wish to be. My head seems to be I am docile, etc. BARTOLO I was mistaken! (Drop your handkerchief.) I need a wig, (It is he, am I mistaken?) FIORELLO Already it's here. Yes, all you want, Sie entwarf u.a. that door will soon open. ROSINA February, 1816 in Rome ROSINA No Rushing to his shop I shall return in a few minutes. Silence you! Patience, patience, and Lindoro Almaviva serenades Rosina once again, now introducing himself as the poor student Lindoro – because he wants to be loved for his own sake rather than for his lofty social position. Exempt? Prudence is necessary here.) (What on earth is he doing here?) The first performance was opera deals with the plan by Count Almaviva to woo Rosina and win her hand in marriage. ROSINA C-Prices: € 100,– / € 82,– / € 58,– / € 34,– / € 24,–, Covid-19: Hygiene measures, Refund & News, Patrons and friends / Stiftung / Scholarship. ROSINA, BERTA, FIGARO and BASILIO botanist, apothecary, veterinary … ROSINA You are right. between four walls - I am here! an earthquake, a whirlwind, A better lot To draw a flower to embroider. ROSINA But here she is. FIGARO Il barbiere di Siviglia - opera by Gioachino Rossini; libretto with translations. Melodramma buffo in two acts The start to leave in opposite directions You cannot imagine Etienne Dupuis as Figaro, Maurizio Muraro as Bartolo et al. <> But if you … but I would like … which is unequalled! BARTOLO COUNT Signor Figaro. Ernst Raffelsberger, Chorleitung, stammt aus Gmunden, Oberösterreich. portentous, omnipotent, BARTOLO unsuccessful as a result of objections made by supporters of Paisiello's opera on the same subject. Konstantin Shushakov stammt aus Russland und studierte am Izhevsk Music College und später an der Russischen Akademie für Theaterkunst. die Kostüme für seine Inszenierungen von, 14, 22 Nov; 05, 10, 26, 27 Dec 2020; 02, 10, 15, 22, 23 Jan; 07 Feb 2021, 14, 18, 21, 26, 28 Feb; 05, 14, 19, 23 Mar 2021, Dean Murphy, Bariton, absolvierte seine Gesangsausbildung an der Hartt School of Music und an der Yale School of Music. For instance … as a soldier … Don't you think I've hit it right? Ah, poor little Rosina. My guardian won't consent, To the barracks? from my Rosina what brought Let them come in. COUNT Il barbiere di Siviglia remains the most popular of Rossini's comic operas, providing a witty and five wigs in the window, What a charming little miss! More! FIGARO Do not speak, do not shout. sweet and loving. BARTOLO COUNT ROSINA Softly softly, here and there, What could be better? ever did we sing a stave for. ROSINA we are wasting valuable time. Cold and motionless Cursed ones, away from here! FIGARO Ho, Fiorello? More! Look at Don Bartolo, COUNT indeed you are! Composers Operas Links Forum About. part of my trade, BARTOLO By deftly causing a distraction, Figaro manages to pilfer the key required for Rosina’s planned abduction. Aria by good fortune, falls to death. what a lovely name! Gioachino Rossini’s Figaro in Il barbiere di Siviglia is a resplendent operatic figure with a delightfully disrespectful temperament who has long since become an indispensable character on international opera stages. you can explain it all to her, sir. of the health of his daughter Marcellina. I am petrified! FIGARO The spine remains Rating: % positive. My heart already is pierced My dear sir, What are you doing? I'm going to kill him COUNT Duration 2 H. 50 Min. Quickly, quickly, away from here. Hasten, hasten, your adorer, COUNT Figaro here, Figaro there, DM's opera site. endstream (Choke on that, wicked old man!) or this basin soon shall teach you Von 1983 bis 1986 war er Kapellmeister der Wiener Sängerknaben. Those who despise Italian music and hasten to openly revile it will one day receive their just punishment in hell, perhaps condemned to listen for eternity to Sebastian Bach's fugues.” (Heinrich Heine), Maurizio Muraro as Bartolo, Jana Kurucová as Rosina, Jana Kurucová as Rosina, Etienne Dupuis as Figaro, Hulkar Sabirova as Berta. DON BASILIO He locks the door from outside My dear Figaro … Ho, Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, etc. oh come, my treasured one, Commedia in two acts. Cold and motionless At any cost to finish his studies and to seek his fortune. As a soldier, and for what purpose? Perhaps for my purpose (If there is money to make, Seit der Spielzeit 2019/20 ist Yuriy Hadzetzskyy Mitglied des Internationalen Opernstudios Zürich und war hier bisher als Geisterkind 3 in Coraline und als Graf Dominik in Arabella zu sehen. Oh, Heavens! BERTA, COUNT and FIGARO But I … Low-born scoundrel … where do I find your shop? Who's there? I? COUNT of the dart which pierces me. etc. Recitative FIORELLO I'd like to knock him down. which will put him in a bad light I have hardly Little fatigue, and much amusement, Truly? FIGARO Well, then? I have the best of reasons. can console my heart. with the public, making him seem <> with a good head and a warm heart. Figaro enters, stopping the chase Etienne Dupuis as Figaro, Jana Kurucová as Rosina, Arutjun Kotchinian as Basilio, Jana Kurucová as Rosina, Matthew Newlin as Almaviva. Er war 2009/10 Mitglied im Opernstudio der Oper Frankfurt und gab als Lord Rochefort in, Justyna Bluj wurde in Polen geboren und studierte an der Academy of Music in Krakau bei Olga Popwicz Gesang. the guardian would less distrust stream DS?_�J������gS�lB��b�T~�wWM�*�j�n�$U�E��훐ј��p׻��w����T��N�~���� Ϣr�Pe�W��UT@����c��7w1�kt��y�5��l�,��rSU.�{F�rhe���R�wj?���o�zZs�/�H�Ǡ�;� _F(v������%��$��M�x! Keep off! Services below require separate subscription. Yes, Lindoro etc. COUNT Quickly, quickly, give me a note. Piano, pianissimo, without a word. Good night to all. The police! all gather around me here. Already it's here. And then? ROSINA FIGARO Poor little dear! ROSINA COUNT Il barbiere di Siviglia (scenic version) Gioacchino Rossini (1792 – 1868) Sat 26.12.2020 - 19:30 h. Buy tickets . A battle I will give you. Il Barbiere di Siviglia Libretto English Translation. hard knocking against door up left CHORUS Berta enters from upstage … Thank you. That Figaro is a nice young man. BARTOLO And I too. BARTOLO I honestly give service. There, without fail, you will find me. the lovely dawn is breaking, Yes, Lindoro shall be mine, Give me the paper, impertinent one! Silence! Yes? BARTOLO how to keep off these and my sign is a lantern … COUNT 2017 verlieh ihm das französische Kulturministerium den Titel des »Chevalier de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres«. Contribute | I'll take care of everything. (Oh, what a cunning little fox! He counts the sheets of paper on the table Now he intends to get the job done properly and despatches Basilio to the notary. COUNT Ilya Altukhov, Bassbariton, stammt aus Russland und war vor seinem Studium am Khabarovsk College of Art als Popsänger tätig. stunned, confounded, etc. Come, dear child, confess it all. Cavatina that dearest vision: Libretto by Cesare Sterbini, based on a drama by Pierre-Augustin Caron de Baumarchais Il-Barbiere-Di-Siviglia-Score 1/2 PDF Drive - Search and download PDF files for free. Then I am the fortunate girl! But this paper which you ask for what a scoundrel! If I could only BARTOLO etc. I have my own system, Come. is not willing to accept me. All is vain. ROSINA Matthew Newlin as Almaviva, Etienne Dupuis as Figaro et al. piano, pianissimo, utter no word. I don't know … Hush! FIGARO with their importunate clamour, I shall attend to this; COUNT I'm going, I'm going, don't shout. COUNT I left home and country; The note paper? and fills my spirit and it is fool-proof. you must get into the house. Farewell! Sincere and enamoured Lindoro, Come, on your way. Continue, beloved, DON BASILIO Well, he is much mistaken! Ah, what is calumny! The pen! I shall know very well Certainly, will remain. a good-hearted soul … ROSINA ROSINA Mouth and nose masks are mandatory throughout, also during the performance. They are all ready. ALL Von 2009 bis 2012 arbeitete er als Regieassistent für Musiktheater am Luzerner Theater. CHORUS Has he, too, put you in a rage? ceasless and growing. Zudem war er Preisträger beim Lynne Strow Piccolo Award, bei der Amici Vocal Competition und der Classical Singer Competition. The obligation to wear a mouth-nose cover also applies to your seat, so that even if the minimum distance between seats is slightly reduced, the necessary protection against infection is maintained. COUNT FIGARO ROSINA But if we … but if then … To your heart's content. Poor fool! Into the ears of the people, etc. I have hardly etc. zu einer erfolgreichen Zusammenarbeit mit Riccardo Muti, Sir Simon Rattle und Mariss Jansons. 2013 erhielt er den Theaterpreis «Bajazzo» der Theater- und Konzertfreunde Dortmund. I beheld a flower of beauty, a maiden, Oh, what a flame, etc. What do you say to this? With fire unknown Just this, that plausibly, a show-glass, too, of the latest fashion, By joining forces – and with a little hush money, of course – Almaviva, Rosina, Figaro as well as Bartolo, who believes he has been initiated in the proceedings, succeed in getting rid of the “sick man.”. etc. Sir … Witn a simple little song And you watch out … A good joke! meanwhile I am dying of impatience! �� C �� ��" �� �� �� �W� d0p d��0 d 1��@ d 1��� �� 1� 01�� pd��p ��g g d �@ א [אT �@ 1�pd� g gg�1��Ld�Ld B|��� �g/W��?��&i�.���3]�_� ��ҹ��E���� =y �i-��5�ģ���g�/O�ܽmF��O�Q�I� c8 ��ɀ�22���� ��%wٵ}7���7�A�ǖ�My &� oN���m=�2X��%�mG�yӻ�̳;k�T�}j䐍>m�c@�JT��^g $+1C��16�u�A$�&)��q��� h[Hl�zR�x�+�rm�� For a doctor of my standing Is that possible! BARTOLO Observe! FIGARO What happiness! Figaro enters with a guitar around his neck Don Basilio, Rosina’s music teacher and a friend of Bartolo’s, tells him that Almaviva is in situ; both suspect that he is a secret admirer of Rosina’s. You rabble, you traitor … They don't come any worse! What say you to this, sir? Silence, silence, everywhere! BARTOLO Be prudent! COUNT Because the guardian, believe me, he motions to her to take a note etc. OFFICER My shop? 2013/14 war er Ensemblemitglied an der Opera Connecticut, wo er in Gianni Schicchi und in Salieris Kleine Harlekinade zu erleben war. Berta looks through the spy hole of the street door The third part of the trilogy, L’AUTRE TARTUFFE OU LA MERE COUPABLE, which appeared in 1792, did not enjoy the success of its predecessors, conceivably due to the chaos of the French Revolution. a colleague here. COUNT Während des Studiums inszenierte er Pergolesis La serva padrona, Offenbachs Croquefer und Händels Alcina, die im März 2009 auch im Teatru Manoel in Malta zu sehen war. Figaro down. George Petrou stammt aus Griechenland und studierte am Konservatorium in Athen sowie am Royal College und der Royal Academy of Music in London. A design for your embroidery! I am obedient, Calumny is a little breeze, Enough of this. COUNT I understand, I'll leave you alone. FIGARO Do not speak. Er ist Preisträger des Queen Elisabeth Wettbewerbs: Voice 2018, des Berlin International Music Competition 2018 (Goldmedaille), sowie des 9th Veronica Dunne International Singing Competition 2019 (mit Extra-Auszeichnung: Oratorio Prize). Spunta l'alba. I go. The Count enters disguised as a soldier. gathers force little by little, From the mouth re-emerging COUNT Do you really think so? ROSINA COUNT La ran la la, etc. Isn't it a fine idea, Come, let's start. (Be careful! Er studierte am Konservatorium seiner Heimatstadt und debütierte 2015 an der Lviv National Opera in der Titelrolle von Mozarts, 26, 27 Sep; 07, 08, 28, 29 Nov; 01, 03, 06, 08 Dec 2020; 31 Jan 2021, Gala Concert of the International Opera Studio, Ilya Altukhov, Bassbariton, stammt aus Russland und war vor seinem Studium am Khabarovsk College of Art als Popsänger tätig. your efforts will be rewarded. And the poor slandered wretch, What? BARTOLO My good man, you are under arrest. Er gastierte am Theater Regensburg für Produktionen von La bohème, Madama Butterfly, Flotows Martha und jüngst John Kanders Cabaret, inszenierte L’elisir d’amor für das Theater Bielefeld und Die lustigen Niebelungen am Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe. Stop, stop … by tomorrow I must marry Rosina. And why not? COUNT Who is this coming now? BARTOLO Figaro in Il barbiere di Siviglia singt. At last they're gone! A lovely girl, full of spirits … Almaviva recognises him as a former servant and confides his plans to him. The street door is being opened COUNT Rosina turns out to be a self-confident young woman who is determined to escape her prison together with Lindoro; she immediately writes him a letter. nor your injured innocence. ���� JFIF �� C FIGARO die Kostüme für seine Inszenierungen von Die lustigen Nibelungen am Badischen Staatstheater Karlsruhe, La bohème, Madama Butterfly, Martha, Cabaret und La fida ninfa am Theater Regensburg, L'elisir d'amore am Theater Bielefeld, Die Fledermaus an der Oper Chemnitz und Der goldene Hahn und Falstaff am Saarländischen Staatstheater Saarbrücken, wo sie 2017 auch die Kostüme für Simon Boccanegra in der Regie von Johannes von Matuschka entwarf. Yes, yes! Don't you know? Ab 2017 war er Mitglied der Opera Academy an der Polnischen Nationaloper Warschau. Do I now see ROSINA The devil! The notary and Basilio, both in fact summoned by Bartolo, are bribed without further ado and sign the marriage contract between Rosina and Almaviva. What Bertoldo? With fire unknown to keep silent. He pretends to be drunk. Oh no, sir, A famous intriguing match-maker, Then you are a doctor? your name is on my lips, I imagine someone entered her room. Rosina answers from behind the shutters Stained? he'll be thrown out I also am After other turns of fortune, Dr Bartolo is thwarted in his intention to marry Rosina, Little does he know that Count Almaviva has long since fallen in love with her. in confusion, without reason, ROSINA ROSINA I understand. Oh, you flirt, come quickly here! for pity's sake. On my word. Composers | Im Sommer 2018 gastierte er am National Center for Performing Arts in Peking, wo er Frère Laurent (Roméo et Juliette) und Graf Rodolfo (La sonnambula) sang und im Sommer 2019 war er als Sarastro am Lincoln Center Festival in New York und an der Opéra de Marseille zu hören. Rosina enters from her room COUNT Oh, what a life, what a trade! Silence here! %äüöß Now, away to the shop - and here I will remain. Lo in the smiling sky, COUNT Count Almaviva has arrived. And her name? He spoke to you? my soul is burning, does not let himself be fooled. ROSINA and COUNT Hold, sir … Oh joy! to avoid the obvious comparison with the popular treatment of the same plot by Paisiello, Rossini’s of quality. FIGARO The deuce! Better! poor man, of your affection; FIGARO intermission after 1st part after approx. ROSINA I really am an imbecile, Certainly. But … hush … Ah! BARTOLO COUNT Oh, pretty, enough! The ensuing quarrel becomes so tumultuous that watchmen appear to arrest the troublemaker. (Women, women, eternal gods, to protect our love! ROSINA Why is that sheet of paper missing? BERTA In a few minutes The doctor claims exemption and summons the guard, who Il Barbiere Di Siviglia Score [Book] Il Barbiere Di Siviglia Score When people should go to the ebook stores, search start by shop, shelf by shelf, it is in point of fact problematic. to invent a story First performed on 20. ROSINA Ab der Spielzeit 2020/21 ist Ilya Altukhov Mitglied des Internationalen Opernstudios Zürich. Jana Kurucová as Rosina, Maurizio Muraro as Bartolo, Arutjun Kotchinian as Basilio, Hulkar Sabirova as Berta, Matthew Newlin as Almaviva, Matthew Newlin as Almaviva, Etienne Dupuis as Figaro, Matthew Newlin as Almaviva, Jana Kurucová as Rosina, Arutjun Kotchinian as Basilio, Etienne Dupuis as Figaro, Maurizio Muraro as Bartolo, Matthew Newlin as Almaviva, Jana Kurucová as Rosina, Matthew Newlin as Almavia, Jana Kurucová as Rosina. I'll let him go by: Almaviva and Figaro enter Bartolo’s house. I am fed up, my master, But I must talk with you Zahlreiche CD- und DVD-Aufnahmen dokumentieren diese Arbeit. Better! The musicians tune their instruments, and the Count sings, accompanied by them I am barber, surgeon, FIGARO And how! etc. You should disguise yourself … I'm comig - here I am! Oh, damnation! Janina Ammon stammt aus der Schweiz und schloss 2009 ihr Studium als Textildesignerin an der Hochschule Luzern ab. Other “Il barbiere di Siviglia” libretti • Italian • English • German • French: Line-by-line FIGARO I thought I heard a noise … (in cunning itself For a doctor of my standing Great things are happening, Signorina. seems the thunder of the tempest Of what us is my spirit, Yes, sir, yes, sir. and you are in my thoughts, Why is he delayed? 2011 gewann er für das Bühnenbild zu Gefangen in der Realität, einer Bearbeitung der Fledermaus, den ring.award off in Graz. Ugly baboon … I mean to find out what's going on. Drawing on the familiar characters from commedia dell’arte, this group of individuals comes together in a sophisticated game of intrigue and disguise: the money hungry (or perhaps actually love-smitten?) And these sheets of paper Just before sunrise. 2018 gastierte er in Vancouver in der Titelrolle von Jewgeni Onegin sowie als Jelezki (Pique Dame) beim Savonlinna Festival und an der Oper in Oslo. ALL ROSINA, BERTA But why? Für seine Einspielung von Händels Tamerlano bekam er den ECHO Klassik 2008, seine Aufnahme von Alessandro wurde bei den International Opera Awards zur Aufnahme des Jahres gekürt und für weitere Aufnahmen erhielt er Auszeichnungen wie den Gramophone-Editor’s Choice und Diapason d’Or. … and our friends? BARTOLO �N������4�sJ ��^OCt��d�:� 1X�0��8����� Further information about the International Opera Studio, Janina Ammon stammt aus der Schweiz und schloss 2009 ihr Studium als Textildesignerin an der Hochschule Luzern ab. Oh, I am ready old men and maidens. ROSINA Oh, he told me a hundred trifles … I go like greased lightning, FIGARO What's the cause of this disturbance'? ROSINA Yes, yes, I shall help you. Bravo. and you are not awake, COUNT COUNT For a doctor of my standing als Fiorello (Il barbiere di Siviglia), als Dancaïre (Carmen), als zweiter Richter (Das Wunder der Heliane), als Polizist (Lady Macbeth von Mzensk), Silvano (Un ballo in maschera), als Schaunard (La bohème) sowie als Wagner in Faust zu erleben. ROSINA BARTOLO filling the pockets … ladies and children, There is no doubt, it is the barber Zudem gehören die Baritonpartien in Haydns Stabat Mater und in Faurés Requiem zu seinem Repertoire. Bravo! Hulkar Sabirova, Maurizio Muraro, Etienne Dupuis, Matthew Newlin, Jana Kurucová et al. fell to the floor by chance. What nonsense! (Who may this be?) This exceptionally witty and fast-paced production by young Austrian stage director Johannes Pölzgutter premiered at the Theater Winterthur, where it was enthusiastically received by audiences. Oh, you alone, my love, I've sworn it, I'll succeed. Signorina, what are you looking for? COUNT ACT ONE Seit Herbst 1993 ist Ernst Raffelsberger am Opernhaus Zürich als Chordirektor engagiert. Figaro enters from upstage, Rosina hides her letter. My billet for lodgings, COUNT which makes the air resound. DM's opera site. FIGARO Stay where you are. COUNT Annoyed by the noise they makem, he tries to drive them away. FIORELLO Tutto è silenzio, nessun qui sta By means of a billet, Well, my friends! I need a wig, I can be guided. Good sirs, what's going on? breath to breathe etc. At that moment, the supposedly seriously ill Basilio enters. Egged on by the prospect of payment, Figaro is more than willing to help Almaviva, and comes up with an idea on the spot: disguised as a soldier, Almaviva should seek accommodation in Bartolo’s house. BARTOLO Am Saarländischen Staatstheater waren seine Inszenierungen von Rimsky-Korsakows Goldenem Hahn und Verdis Falstaff zu sehen. BARTOLO Von 2018 bis 2020 war er Mitglied des Internationalen Opernstudios in Zürich und sang hier u.a. BARTOLO Er studierte am Konservatorium seiner Heimatstadt und debütierte 2015 an der Lviv National Opera in der Titelrolle von Mozarts Don Giovanni. COUNT noble fruition of my reputation. But listen, but hear … for a barber, he is affected by wine. Full of love awaits you here. DON BASILIO Well, Signor Figaro? silver is coming, But... slander … ROSINA and BASILIO Bravo, bravo, the old fool! But she'll have to deal with me.) Oh, you alone, my love, happy thought, in very truth! in truth I shall burst. and you will see him here. No more … be quiet. We use cookies to improve the use of our website, our products and services, and confirm your login authorization or initial creation of account. Oh! Copyright © 2020 Naxos Digital Services Ltd. All rights reserved. All is silence, no one is near Then I go … looking out into the street To embroider! As Bartolo bends to pick up the letter, the Count puts his sword through it The barber … He is awaiting some sign, Preis beim Operalia Wettbewerb in Moskau. COUNT FIGARO BARTOLO What Balordo? In truth, I do not. A flower! I want a shave, Er ist dort für die Produktionen der Konzertver­einigung Wiener Staats­opernchor verant­wort­lich. Figaro offstage left But if then, but if we … In Italian language with German and English surtitles, B-Prices: € 86,– / € 66,– / € 44,– / € 26,– / € 20,–, Family Performance B-Prices: € 86,– / € 66,– / € 44,– / € 26,– / € 20,–, Family Performance B-Prices: € 86,– / € 66,– / € 44,– / € 26,– / € 20,– / tickets, C-Prices: € 100,– / € 82,– / € 58,– / € 34,– / € 24,– / tickets, Patrick CookMichael KimAndrei DanilovJörg Schörner, This turbulent tale has an aged curmudgeon intent on marrying his own ward in order to get his hands on her inheritance. But very hush hush. the very air itself won't enter. I can be ruled, Yes, sir, I am a doctor. as a medicine. A note? Bartolo enters from his room Who can that be? FIORELLO FIGARO I like him, ¡ enjoy talking with him. Rosina comes down from her room La la ran la, etc. etc. BARTOLO Nach seinem Studium sang er 2017 beim Dinara Alieva Festival Rambaldo in Puccinis La Rondine und 2019 Gubetta in Donizettis Lucrezia Borgia. To-day a regiment is expected here. Für die Spielzeit 2020/21 kehrte er als Ensemblemitglied zurück an die Deutsche Oper Berlin, wo er u.a. No, I want to do things my own way. ;��&��zt�|��§�M���K�`y�B� ���0F��|P��)tRV�KKt~N�C����D�T�����pg�A��UW��U7e� BARTOLO, BASILLO Only when the Count reveals his true identity does she acquiesce. etc. FIGARO from early dawntill late at night. Then I know well what I'll do. (It is Rosina! softly to the Count Poor fellow, he has come here The very same. Ah! Silence here! COUNT who has noticed the manoeuvre Be silent, for pity's sake! who will see you stay inside. Heavens! “It was Rossini through and through, his music at its loveliest in BARBIER VON SEVILLA. Recitative She opens the door. … ROSINA Let's go into my room. On the Prado I heard you, I heard you. In other words. He is dying of love. FIGARO BARTOLO silence! Yes, indeed? Opera by Gioachino Rossini , Zurich PremierePrice DSunday subscription C, Choice subscription, Opera by Gioachino Rossini Price DThursday subscription B, Opera by Gioachino Rossini Price HBelcanto subscription, AMAG people's performance subscription, Opera by Gioachino Rossini Price DSaturday subscription, Good mood subscription, Opera by Gioachino Rossini Price DFriday subscription B. Gioachino Rossini’s Figaro in Il barbiere di Siviglia is a resplendent operatic figure with a delightfully disrespectful temperament who has long since become an indispensable character on international opera stages. BARTOLO BARTOLO From within this room What an ugly face! shuffling across left in a fury I am exempt from lodging troops. etc. in the flesh to run the world … Yes, sir. Isn't it a fine idea, This is where you can update your private details, profile settings and password and/or log out. Before nightfall I am respectful, COUNT Hurrah for the good Doctor! Composers Operas Links Forum About. Oh, go to the devil! COUNT She breaks off and leaves the balcony I am always oppressed and mistreated! ROSINA a general uproar, Der aus Wien stammende Regisseur Johannes Pölzgutter studierte Musik- und Theaterwissenschaften und schloss 2008 sein Studium im Fach Musiktheaterregie an der Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Wien ab. I am the factotum Truly? La la la la la la la la la la. Doctor Bartoio, Doctor Bartolo. COUNT Recitative Tell me, but Lindoro … Ab 1986 war Ernst Raffelsberger Chordirektor und Kapellmeister am Landestheater Salzburg (Mitwirkung bei der Salzburger Mozartwoche und den Salzburger Festspielen). If you want to know my name, he is threatening to kill us, Well and good, ROSINA And little innocent Rosina, FIGARO COUNT Gioachino Rossini. etc. 2007 vertrat er Russland beim Junior Eurovision Song Contest. FIORELLO Dort inszenierte er 2010 die Riemann-Oper von Tom Johnson sowie in den folgenden Spielzeiten Adolphe Adams Le Toréador, Madernas Kammeroper Satyricon, Donizettis Don Pasquale und das Sondheim-Musical Sweeney Todd. ROSINA BARTOLO COUNT I shall play help of the barber and general factotum Figaro, he carries out his plan to outwit her guardian, Dr to all, and I say it without boasting, ROSINA Why? which, faithful and true, FIGARO aside to Rosina why was it sharpened? Who? The Count next finds his way into the house as a substitute for the officious music- pointing to the Count She is only his ward. Heaven give me patience! The musicians surround the Count, thanking him and kissing his hand. You are very fortunate; I'm coming - who the de devil is it?

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