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Tour, attività ed esperienze prenotabili su Tripadvisor, in ordine alfabetico. - San Luigi dei Francesi La famosa Piazza Navona è lastricata sul sito dello Stadio di Domiziano, costruito nel I secolo d.C., e segue la forma dello spazio aperto dello stadio. You will visit the Church of San Giovanni dei Fiorentini, the last resting place of Master Borromini. You will also see some of Rome's most fascinating locations and discover other great artists who characterised the Baroque period in Rome. Our knowledgeable guide will lead you through the alleys that were the scene of fights and brawls to the beautiful churches were Caravaggio’s breathtaking masterpieces continue to fascinate visitors after more than four centuries. We'll be on the trails of Caravaggio and discover how dangerous Rome was in those years. Stroll around Rome’s historical center and discover the tumultuous life and amazing masterpieces of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, the greatest and most famous painter of the Baroque art in Italy! Il tour su misura attirerà la tua attenzione e interesse. We're creating your account. Please contact us! And Caravaggio’s life was as dramatic as his paintings: his irritable and violent character led him to get involved in street-brawls and caused him trouble with the law, culminating in a death sentence for murder. Highlights: As you walk, you will come across the same streets that Caravaggio used to frequent in the 1600s, and they haven't changed much since when. Una lunga passeggiata da Piazza di Spagna a Piazza Navona, saltando avanti e indietro nel tempo,... A Roma è possibile ammirare sei capolavori di Caravaggio in modo gratuito, senza file di ingresso e in un'atmosfera che ha conservato il fascino del barocco romano. Caravaggio was one of Italy’s most important painters, known for his revolutionary Baroque art. You'll be served local an assortment of Italian foods paired with three different types of wine, with explanations from a local wine expert about each. Also on this 2.5-hour tour you'll see some 'in-situ' pieces of his, which are works of art designed specially for these locations. A long stroll from Spanish Steps to Navona Square, jumping forward and backward in time, from Roman Empire to modern times. The Church of San Luigi dei Francesci (Church of St. Louis of the French) actually sits right between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, so you have no excuse not to step inside to soak up … - Spanish Steps Besides, it is close to many tourist objectives such as Palazzo Altemps with the splendid Ludovisi Battle SarcophagusI’ve written about in one of my previous articles. From 1652 until 1866, when the festival would take place, it was flooded on every Saturday and Sunday in August in elaborate celebrations of the Pamphilj family. Highlights Find tickets & tours worldwide. You'll visit: - Sant'Agostino CC BY-SA 4.0 We're working hard to be accurate. Admire the beautiful paintings in the churches of St. Louis of the French and St. Augustine. Streets and alleys where he lived and shared time with the poorest ones.. Thanks to this private tour, you will discover the best of Baroque Rome, ending your walk in an exclusive and perfectly styled place, thanks to an unforgettable panoramic aperitif. Tre chiese di Roma conservano al loro interno... Visita le 15 piazze, colonne, palazzi, monumenti e templi più importanti di Roma in una visita guidata di 4 ore con una guida turistica nativa autorizzata. Discover the churches with its treasures: Raphael, Caravaggio, Bernini, Borromini and many more. Raffaello Sanzio known as Raphael was an Italian painter and architect of the High Renaissance. Als Dank für jede Bestellung über 100€ Warenwert erhaltet ihr von uns ein Geschenk! 5% MwSt zzgl. Time Out says. E non solo! Lancia la moneta nella fontana di... VW5pc2NpJTIwZHVlJTIwY29zZSUyMHBlciUyMGxlJTIwcXVhbGklMjBsJ0l0YWxpYSUyMCVDMyVBOCUyMGFtcGlhbWVudGUlMjBjb25vc2NpdXRhJTNBJTIwYXJ0ZSUyMGUlMjBwYXN0YSUyQyUyMGluJTIwcXVlc3RvJTIwc2luZ29sbyUyMHRvdXIuJTIwUGFydGklMjBwZXIlMjB1bmElMjBwYXNzZWdnaWF0YSUyMGF0dGVudGFtZW50ZSUyMGN1cmF0YSUyMGNvbiUyMGxhJTIwdHVhJTIwZ3VpZGElMkMlMjBjaGUlMjB0aSUyMG1vc3RyZXIlQzMlQTAlMjBkaXZlcnNpJTIwY2Fwb2xhdm9yaSUyMGFydGlzdGljaSUyMGUuLi4=. La tua guida altamente qualificata e lo storico dell'arte locale ti forniranno una panoramica... Sapevate che ci sono ben sei opere di Caravaggio in tre chiese di Roma che potete vedere senza pagare nessun biglietto? The famous Piazza Navona is paved on the site of the Stadium of Domitian, built in the 1st century AD, and follows the form of the open space of the stadium. Visit lesser-known sites such as the Church of St. Louis of the French, the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo, and Palazzo Doria Pamphilj; learn what life was like in the Baroque era; and admire 16th-century artworks by Caravaggio. € 9,71. Tour, attività ed esperienze prenotabili su Tripadvisor, ordinati in base ai prezzi offerti dai nostri partner. Versand. Pushing the doors inside several hidden churches that most tourists will never see, you’ll encounter some of the finest masterpieces of Caravaggio, Bernini, and Borromini in their original context, diving into a deeper understanding of each historical beauty. LA MIELERIA ROSSI NOVARO. His beautiful and fascinating paintings are mostly known for the incredible naturalism and for the dramatic use of lighting: thanks to bright shafts of light, noble and violent figures capture attention emerging from shadows. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. Consigliamo di prenotare i tour di L'Eglise di San Luigi dei Francesi in anticipo per trovare posto. Pictures of the church at Wikimedia Commons are here. € 63,79. San Luigi dei Francesi, sorge vicino piazza Navona. mehr Info In den Warenkorb. - Trevi Fountain Questi biglietti e tour a L'Eglise di San Luigi dei Francesi al momento prevedono Offerte Speciali: VmlzaXRhJTIwbGUlMjBwcmluY2lwYWxpJTIwYXR0cmF6aW9uaSUyMHR1cmlzdGljaGUlMjBkaSUyMFJvbWElMjBjb24lMjBxdWVzdG8lMjB0b3VyJTIwZ3VpZGF0byUyMHBlciUyMHBpY2NvbGklMjBncnVwcGklMkMlMjBkdXJhdGElMjAzJTIwb3JlLiUyMEluaXppYSUyMGwnYXZ2ZW50dXJhJTIwY29uJTIwaWwlMjBwcmVsaWV2byUyMGRhbGwnaG90ZWwlMkMlMjBwb2klMjBhdHRyYXZlcnNhJTIwbGElMjBjaXR0JUMzJUEwJTIwZXRlcm5hJTIwc3VsJTIwbWluaXZhbiUyMGNvbiUyMGFyaWEuLi4=. You will go to some of the places that still host the art that was created for them, such as Santa Maria del Popolo, San Luigi dei Francesi and Sant’Agostino, three important churches in the heart of Rome's old town. Learn about the history and techniques behind spectacular art decorating the most famous churches in Rome, or request a customized tour to see the works that most interest you. 5% MwSt zzgl. You’ll also get to hear a historian speak about Caravaggio's works and, more generally, what life was like in Baroque Rome. Autore: Mediateca Santa Teresa Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense A exclusive tour with a art historian Led by an art historian, this walking tour takes you to marvel at paintings, sculptures, and architecture of the Baroque era. Il Tour of the City Center ti darà l'opportunità di scoprire Roma dal punto di vista artistico, storico e leggendario. Visit beautiful churches to admire the painter’s original works while an expert guide shares scandalous details of his life and how he shaped the Baroque movement. What exactly can you expect from this tour? mehr Info In den Warenkorb. Wander through the Tridente neighborhood where the artist once lived, which will lead you to St. Louis of the French church to see the beautiful altarpiece painted by the artist to show the life of St. Matthew. Your local guide, Luigi Senise with a Phd in Art History, will show you the marriage between art, faith and history walking through Rome's famous landmarks. Quali sono i migliori biglietti e tour di mezza giornata a L'Eglise di San Luigi dei Francesi? Absolutely. Learn history and art from the local Roman guide as you walk through some of the most famous sights of the city. • See the Pantheon, an iconic Roman Landmark. Introduction to Rome in 10 Steps is a perfect tour for first time visitors. His art will reveal the secrets of the bloody time he lived in! The artist's paintings combine with gritty, realistic observation of the human state, both physical and emotional, and make dramatic use of chiaroscuro. 5% MwSt zzgl. Throughout the tour you’ll see a large selection of pieces, known as ‘in situ’ masterpieces, as they remain in the location they were originally designed. Meet your guide Donato outside the Santa Maria del Popolo Church. Regardless of where you choose to stay in Rome, you’re inevitable going to get to Piazza Navona – this is one of the most beautiful places in Rome, so don’t even think about skipping it. As you go, learn more about Caravaggio’s life, and spot some of Rome’s other highlight attractions. See their stunning works in some of Rome’s loveliest churches Take a look at the Madonna of Loreto, one of his most famous paintings, which he donated to the Sant’Agostino church. Take a brief look inside Sant’Agostino to admire a gem not often visited. Follow in the footsteps of one of Rome’s most renowned former residents—and discover a number of his masterpieces—on this private, Caravaggio-themed tour. San Luigi dei Francesi. Versand. This may take a few seconds... Something went wrong. Wenn Sie auf Tripadvisor buchen, können Sie bis zu 24 Stunden vor Beginn der Tour gegen vollständige Rückerstattung stornieren. She'll take you inside to the Cerasi chapel and here you can admire 2 of Caravaggio's artworks: the Crucifixion of St. Peter and the Conversion of St. Paul. Rome hosts dazzling baroque artworks, and with this art-focused tour you’ll admire some of the city’s masterpieces. San Luigi dei Francesi is the 16th century titular and French national church (built as such) at Piazza di San Luigi de' Francesi 5 in the rione Sant'Eustachio. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. La chiesa venne costruita durante tutto il corso del 1500, grazie anche a Caterina De’ Medici, moglie del re di Francia Enrico II. 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The undisputed headliners of the sumptuous 16th-century Church of Saint Louis the French (Chiesa di San Luigi dei Francesi), commissioned by the Medici family and located near Rome’s elegant Piazza Navona, are three magnificent masterpieces by Caravaggio, among the baroque artist’s few surviving works that can be viewed in their original location. Sehen Sie sich alle 49 Touren für San Luigi dei Francesi … 5L. Visit to the painter’s house-workshop. Michelangelo Merisi, the ‘black’ painter, better known as Caravaggio. Get in Touch. Raphael was enormously productive, running an unusually large workshop and, despite his death at 37, leaving a large body of work. The churches of St. Mary of the People, St. Augustine and St. Louis of the French all hold works from Caravaggio dating from the end of the 16th century. - Pantheon • Discover the amazing works of Raphael and Caravaggio in Rome’s churches Be in awe of the famous 'Madonna in Loreto' painting in the Sant'Agostino church. Enjoy this fascinating tour into the life and masterpieces of the great Caravaggio as you walk around Rome. Ideal für Familien, Gruppen, Paare. Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Michelangelo Merisi, nicknamed "Caravaggio", Francesco Castelli, the so-called Borromini and Pietro Da Cortona are some of the artists who worked in the Eternal City, leaving some of their most important works of art in architecture, sculpture and painting. See all Church of Saint Louis of the French (Chiesa di San Luigi dei Francesi) experiences on Viator. Caravaggio 500g. We'll tell you about his life and why he painted this way. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository, Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents. Tour e attività al miglior prezzo per una visita indimenticabile di Roma! Chiesa di San Luigi dei Francesi: prenota i tuoi biglietti online con un clic e risparmia tempo all'ingresso! Enjoy a private guided walking tour among Caravaggio's works of art and the places where he lived and worked in Rome. Vivi il contrasto tra la venerazione di santi esemplari e il lato secolare degli ex Stati... 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The three world-renowned canvases of Caravaggio are in Contarelli Chapel. Wir empfehlen Ihnen, Touren für San Luigi dei Francesi frühzeitig zu buchen, um sich einen Platz zu sichern. Please try again on the. You are viewing Virtual Experiences in Rome. FRANTOIO SAN LUIGI. Three Churches in Rome to follow the path of the genial painter: Caravaggio!. Search experiences that may have limited interaction with crowds. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. Join your guide near the Spanish Steps for a walking itinerary that takes in works by Caravaggio, Bernini, Raphael, and, of course, Michelangelo. Helmuth Köcher stellt sich mit viel Mut und Erfindergeist dem COVID-19 und bestätigt das 29° Meran WineFestival DIGITAL für die Zeit vom 6. bis 10 November 2020. Honig . Learn more. Experience the Rome of Caravaggio and Raphael. This tour is customizable and can include a visit to see his other works in Rome. Admire the architectural wonder that is the Pantheon. VERSANDKOSTEN 7,90 € BIS ZU 30 Kg GEWICHT. On entering you'll marvel at two of Caravaggio's magnificent works within the Cerasi Chapel depicting the Crucifixion of St. Peter and the Conversion of St. Paul. It is the national church in Rome of France. Together with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, which forms the traditional trinity of great masters of that period. Many of his works are found in the Vatican but also in some churches. Visiterai le fontane più famose di Roma. On this tour, discover Rome through the eyes of Caravaggio and see the sites that inspired his most memorable masterpieces. During this walking tour, we’ll learn about his extremely interesting life on a visit to six of... Esplora i punti di riferimento romani più iconici, da Piazza di Spagna a Fontana di Trevi, dal Pantheon a Piazza Navona, in questa passeggiata di 90 minuti con una guida locale. Led by a trained art historian, this tour includes stops at several of the Baroque painter’s former residences. This complete three hour tour offers you the best way to experience the spiritual beauty and the fascination of Rome. Altro. inkl. Se hai poco tempo, questi sono i migliori biglietti e tour di mezza giornata a L'Eglise di San Luigi dei Francesi: Quali biglietti e tour a L'Eglise di San Luigi dei Francesi sono disponibili in più lingue? San Luigi dei Francesi, Rom: Über 7.000 Ferienwohnungen & Ferienhäuser ab € 64 pro Nacht mit Bewertungen für kurze & lange Aufenthalte, darunter Ferienhäuser, Ferienwohnungen & mehr. - © Frantoio Sanluigi 2015. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the. Experience the contrast between the veneration of exemplary saints and the secular side of the former Papal States. It is believed that over time the name changed to in avone to navone and eventually to navona. Passeggiate nel centro storico di Roma alla scoperta della vita tumultuosa e degli straordinari capolavori di Caravaggio, il più famoso pittore dell'arte barocca in Italia!I suoi affascinanti dipinti sono noti... Questo tour a piedi approfondito è perfetto per quelli di voi che desiderano saperne di più sulla Città Eterna.La tua guida locale, Luigi Senise con un dottorato in Storia dell'arte, ti mostrerà il matrimonio tra... Goditi un tour guidato privato a piedi tra le opere d'arte di Caravaggio e i luoghi in cui ha vissuto e lavorato a Roma. Das Gold der Maremma 5L Bag in Box. These experiences are highly rated by travelers and have met our top quality standards. Some of the highlights of the Tour: Save your favorites. This In-Depth walking tour is perfect for those of you who would like to learn more about the Eternal City. Your highly-qualified guide and local art historian will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the artist's unique style. During its history, the piazza has hosted theatrical events and other ephemeral activities. Visit over 2000 years of Rome in 2 hours: it's ancient, medievel, renaissance and baroque times; meet on your way Michelangello, Bernini, Borommini, Caravaggio and Fra Angelico, Medici Pope Clemente VII, Ignazius Louola, the founder of Jesuits and Saint Catherine, the patron of Italy among many famous personalities who's history made Rome such a unique place to visit. We can customize your tour, so you can see his works in the Borghese Gallery, the Barberini Palace, the Capitoline Museums and the Vatican too. La sovrana era infatti una sovrana illuminata che decise di dare modo ai francesi … Hand sanitizer available to travelers and staff. English: Cappella Polet (Polet Chapel) inside the Chiesa di San Luigi dei Francesi, Piazza di S. Luigi de' Francesi, Rome, Italy.This chapel has works by artist Domenichino, including the 1614 fresco the Death of Saint Cecilia on the left and Estasi of Santa Cecilia above the alter. Search tours and activities you can do from home. - Navona Square. Discover the magnificent masterpieces of Caravaggio on this 2.5-hour walking tour. Trace the dramatic life and visual legacy of Caravaggio on a private art tour in Rome. Friendly warning! This was a time when the Catholic Church was commissioning "uplifting art - highly ideological images of angels, heaven, lands and abundance, but this was not Caravaggio's style. Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. Gli antichi romani vi si recavano per assistere ai "giochi"... questa esperienza ti mostrerà le piazze e le fontane più famose una passeggiata per la città tra sacro e profano.ti stupirai scoprire antichi edifici nascosti all'interno della struttura odierna, l'acqua a Roma è... È fantastico esplorare una città con un vero locale che può mostrarti una visione da addetti ai lavori, portarti in luoghi fuori dai sentieri battuti e allontanarti da qualsiasi trappola per turisti. Today Rome hosts about 25 Caravaggio masterpieces that can be viewed by the public: several can be seen in the churches, others by some of the most important art collections in palaces and museums. Se risiedi in un altro paese o in un'altra area geografica, seleziona la versione appropriata di Tripadvisor dal menu a discesa. . Chiesa di San Luigi dei Francesi, Roma Coordinate 41°53′58″N 12°28′29″E  /  41.899444°N 12.474722°E 41.899444; 12.474722 Coordinate : 41°53′58″N 12°28′29″E  /  41.899444°N … His story is, in our opinion, probably one of the most fascinating stories in the history of art. San Luigi Dei Francesi Address: Piazza di San Luigi de' Francesi, 00186 Roma, Italy, Rome ; San Luigi Dei Francesi Contact Number: +39-06688271 ; San Luigi Dei Francesi Timing: 10:00 am - 07:00 pm ; Time required to visit San Luigi Dei Francesi: 00:45 Mins ; Try the best online travel planner to plan your travel itinerary! La Chiesa di San Luigi dei Francesi viene costruita a partire dal 1518 per accogliere la sempre più numerosa comunità francese di Roma, che alla fine del XV secolo possedeva solo una piccola cappella ed un ospedale dedicato a San Ludovico nei pressi di Sant'Andrea della Valle.. Grazie alla spinta di Giulio dei … Tour, attività ed esperienze prenotabili su Tripadvisor, ordinati in base ai dati esclusivi di Tripadvisor, tra cui recensioni, punteggi, foto, popolarità, preferenze degli utenti, prezzo e prenotazioni effettuate tramite Tripadvisor. An art expert will guide us in discovering Caravaggio’s life and works. You’ll also get to glimpse some of his striking canvases, including The Crucifixion of St. Peter, The Conversion of St. Paul, and The Calling of St. Matthew. During this walking tour, we´ll learn about his / her very interesting life. Questi biglietti e tour a L'Eglise di San Luigi dei Francesi al momento prevedono Offerte Speciali: Caravaggio a Roma - I capolavori e i segreti - Tour privato (a partire da 53,44 USD) Raphael and … See more Virtual Experiences around the globe. It was a warm day and I was wearing a dress that grazed my knees and he shook his head at me. He painted torture and death. Quando sei a... Un esperto d'arte ci guiderà nella scoperta della vita e delle opere di Caravaggio.Ammira i bellissimi dipinti nelle chiese di San Luigi dei Francesi e di Sant'Agostino.Visita all'officina della casa del pittore. Michelangelo Merisi, the ‘black’ painter, better known as Caravaggio. La vita di Michelangelo Merisi, meglio noto come "Caravaggio", era fatta di luci e ombre, proprio come la sua arte immortale. Olivenöl extra vergine. Caravaggio painted ‘real life’ images; human beings plagued by fatigue, old age, sickness and misery. Attractions, Religious buildings and sites. Quickly access bookings. GP/kg € 19,80. The ancient Romans went there to watch the agones "games), and hence it was known as "Circus Agonalis" (competition arena). You can guess, this didn't make him very popular with the church. Bahnhofstraße 6, 71126 Gäufelden Nebringen Ust, New studio s.r.l. • Visit the beautiful Santa Maria del Popolo and San Luigi dei Francesi, amongst others Finally, you will reach the highlight of the tour, the "Pantheon" and you will also discover the seat of the Roman Inquisition. San Luigi dei Francesi: un po' di storia. 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The church San Luigi dei Francesi was designed by Giacomo della Porta and built by Domenico Fontana between 1518 and 1589, and completed through the personal intervention of Catherine de' Medici, who donated to it some property in the area. Walk through the Tridente neighborhood where Caravaggio resided in the15th century and on to the church of St. Louis of the French. Eugenia. 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