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The floor then went to Francesco Profumo, president of FBK, former minister of University and Research and president of CNR, who pointed out how, with this recognition, the Trentino administration shows, in an age when immediacy trends, that it treasures the memory of the steps taken to date and intends to build on them the foundations for the future. In the next article, we’ll move forward in time, and examine the 1890 Survey of the City of Trento, which is a goldmine of information about the city during the era when many of our ancestors will have migrated from the province. } You may send this item to up to five recipients. Once we’ve finished our genealogical tour of the city of Trento, we’ll start to move on to our tour of the rest of the province – moving first to an exploration of Val di Non. As we progress through the list chronologically, names become slightly more familiar to those of us who had worked with Trentino records. Un'aquila per il Trentino : lo stemma di san Venceslao per la Provincia. } Please enter the message. If you continue to use this site we will assume you are happy with it. Using Clues in the Records You DO Have If we apply the same ‘permutation rules’ we used for the previous batch to some of these names, we see can see: One linguistic permutation we did not see on the earlier list is the interchangeability between ‘ss’ and ‘sc’, if followed by the letter ‘i’. What I find exciting about this later batch of ‘citizens’ is that I actually recognise a few of the individuals, as they cross into my own family history (although not as direct ancestors). The President of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Ugo Rossi said while awarding the prize: “We thank you for your contribution to the local community and for young people who attended the university. (not yet rated) Copyright © 2001-2020 OCLC. In 1919, my late father (Romeo Fedele Serafini) was born in Duvredo, which had been the ancestral home of the Serafini family since 1685 (we've actually traced the Serafini family back to 1590, but they were in a different village during that time). “Together with the University of Trento", added the Councillor for University and Research, Sara Ferrari, "We decided to thank you for the quality of your work and your relational skills which you have demonstrated throughout the years. Page 1 of the book, printed on parchment, and decorated in gold, is a fascinating piece of art showing the stemmi (crests / coats-of-arms) of these 10 consuls. But I was truly blessed to have been able to visit it in July 2014. Siete favorevoli ai test sulla popolazione? width:100%; PART 1: What kind of medicine did people take to combat the plague in the 1500s? RIDDLE: What centuries-old dramatic legend is still told about the spooky medieval Castel Restor in Val Giudicarie? With his research, in particular in the field of human-machine communication (as well as man-man mediated by the machine), Stock aimed to an artificial intelligence “that would allow machines to understand people rather than forcing people to understand machines “, and he did it during the so-called “artificial intelligence winter”, when everyone, following more popular themes, parted from it. RIDDLE 1: You may have heard about the Black Death in the 1300s. Please enter recipient e-mail address(es). VOTATE, Evviva l'Euregio: Trento vieta a medici e infermieri di dare una mano allo screening in Alto Adige, Fa un incidente e scappa a piedi: nascosto nel bosco, scovato con il drone a termocamera dei pompieri, Casette del brulé chiuse: il gruppo Poli compra le castagne dei due chioschi, Il concerto dell'Orchestra Haydn di martedì 17 novembre in diretta radio e on line da Bolzano, Basta capelli lunghi: è il momento dei «pixie-cut», con colore a ciocche fatto a casa, Ecco il taxi spazale: Crew Dragon raggiunge la base spaziale internazionale, Il forte di Martignano, per la prima volta aperto al pubblico. Why DNA Tests Are NO Substitute for Genealogical Research, DNA Tests, Genealogy, Ethnicity and Cultural Identity, How Cemeteries Can Help Grow Your Family Tree. width:100%; Filmed in July 2015 by Lynn Serafinn, genealogist specialising in the families of the province of Trentino. We are dedicated to a spam-free world. Stay on top of our latest genealogy news and tips. For some reason, no one on either side of my father's family told our generation very much about our ancestral homeland, in spite of the fact that their families had lived in the same villages for many centuries. The E-mail message field is required. I haven’t looked into what this definition meant specifically in Trento (so I don’t want to make any suggestions), but it certainly makes me curious. In this video, you will see aerial views of the River Adige, the medieval church of S. Apollinare, Castello del Buonconsiglio, Trento cemetery, the Duomo (Cathedral) of San Vigilio, and a panorama of the alpine city of Trento and the surrounding Dolomites. Lynn will give you a broad overview of how the parish has evolved over the centuries, what kinds of records are available for research, and where you might experience gaps in those records. Here's a short video I made where I show the town, the Serafini ancestral house (modernised) and a rare walk-through of an old-style mountain house that is very much the way it was 100 years ago (well...maybe a little messier!). I hope you’ll join me in the upcoming stops on the tour of the province in this series ‘Trentino Valleys, Parishes and People: A Guide for Genealogists’. Honouring All the Heroes in Our Families, DNA Ethnicity Reports. The Trento Centre is equipped with two treatment rooms for patients and one for experimental use and research, with a fixed beam. However, I do have the resources to do a fair bit of research for many clients from home, and will have some openings for new clients from 1 June 2020. As they started to enter the names of more recent citizens in the Liber, the Consuls became more precise about recording places of residence and/or origin. You’ll see the ride up and down Monte Bondone from inside the cable car, and a few scenes of the village of Sardagna at the top of the mountain. During the medieval era, Trento blossomed into a cathedral city – the seat of the Bishopric of Trento. If you haven’t read that article, or if you are unfamiliar with these topics, I invite you to check it out at Early forms of census records (although they weren’t called this) existed in Trentino, but rarely did they look like the kind of census records with which we are familiar today. These are: Other people on this list who are said to have come from places outside the city include: In Bertoluzza’s rendition, there is a cross in the left margin next to the names of families that have since gone extinct, which appears to include just about everyone. 2003. Cultural Identity. You can easily create a free account. } In this podcast, I share a list of most unusual ingredients for a plague remedy invented by botanist Pietro Andrea Mattioli, the personal medical doctor of cardinals, kings, and emperors. Tune in to learn about the history of this ancient castle in the parish of Bleggio, and to hear the famous local legend of the 'villainous' Count D'Arco and the 'hero' named Painelli from the village of Duvredo. Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway. Please choose whether or not you want other users to be able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours. The people and surnames of the city of Trento before the year 1600. The subject field is required. The Rector, Daria de Pretis participated in the ceremony and expressed her satisfaction for the prize awarded to Professor Zuelli by the Provincial Government. A ‘z’, for example could be replaced by a ‘ci’, ‘gi’ or ‘ti’ (and vice versa) depending on the preference of the writer. ‘Channel changes of the Adige River (Eastern Italian Alps) over the last 1000 years and identification of the historical fluvial corridor’. } The long scientific career of Stock was recalled this morning by the director of the DFKI-German Institute of Artificial Intelligence, also a scientific advisor to Angela Merkel, Wolfgang Wahlster. «Ho lottato per un uso elegante del nostro dialetto della città, portandolo nel teatro anche drammatico. Commenti 25 Feb. 2020 Leggi tutto. Duvredo is a tiny ‘frazione’ (even smaller than a village) in Trentino in northern Italy, with a current population of only 94 people. Watch Queue Queue How Much Do You REALLY Know About Your Ancestors’ Names? @media screen and ( max-width: 100% ) { Is there a way to KNOW you are related to someone who has the same surname in their family tree, even if you have no documentation, or DNA tests don’t show a match? Here’s a random sampling of some of the surnames that were entered later, between 1577-1600. # Un\'aquila per il Trentino : lo stemma di san Venceslao per la Provincia\n, Un\'aquila per il Trentino : lo stemma di san Venceslao per la Provincia\"@, Export to EndNote / Reference Manager(non-Latin), http:\/\/\/oclc\/799845986>. Compiled by a specially selected panel consuls, the purpose of the 1577 Libro della Cittadinanza was to create an official register of the ‘citizens’ of the city of Trento. So you can see the majestic and breathtaking setting of incredible place, I've made this compilation of short video clips I took driving up from Riva on Lake Garda to Bono in Bleggio Superiore, and my meeting with my 2nd cousin Betty for the first time. My grandmother Maria Onorati was born in Bono, Trentino, Italy in 1894. Volume 14, 2018, Issue 2. In the centre is the famous L‘Aquila di S. Venceslao (Eagle of San Wenceslaus), which has been the stemma, and indeed the symbol, of the province of Trento since 1339: For the sake of the artwork, the names of the 10 consuls are abbreviated, but they are spelled out on page 2 of the book. 1975. He did so with his conviction that cutting edge research in artificial intelligence can change people’s lives, believing in an artificial Intelligence for all, for ‘good’, for the spread of well-being, and in the service of the individual, i.e. For at least 500 years, my father and his ancestors lived in the parish of Santa Croce del Bleggio, in Trentino, Italy. 3. width:550px; In some cases, YES! While I made this video for my grandsons, I welcome other family members, friends and descendants of Trentino families to view it as well. What was the ‘Istituto delle Laste' in Trento, and how can we find out about our ancestors who were born there? Cloz is a small parish in the northern edge of Val di Non of Trentino. Come fermare il contagio Covid in Trentino? A short trip on the "funivia" (cable car) in Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige Italy. Names were usually written phonetically, according to how the person recording the record heard it, which surely explains why so many Germanic names are spelled weirdly by Italian-speaking priests. Nati in Trentino is a free, searchable online database of births in Trentino between 1815 and 1923, created by the Diocesan Archives of Trento. If you want to find out more about the Concilio di Trento, I refer you to this video of one my past ‘Filò Friday’ podcasts, where I talk about the council in some detail – including how the managed to fit thousands of delegates and their servants into a relatively small urban centre: One of the first things many family historians do when starting their family tree is look for census records. Would you also like to submit a review for this item? Ciclo dei mesi (agosto) Torre d'aquila. An FBK Meeting at the Corriere Della Sera Foundation, New Amazon award for FBK in the field of machine learning, FBK | Fondazione Bruno Kessler  —  Below is an image of the original cover, with its metal cornices: NOTE: Before I continue, I should mention that all the images and information I have gleaned about the 1577 Libro della Cittadinanza has been taken Aldo Bertoluzza’s work Libro della Cittadinanza di Trento: Storia e tradizione del cognome Trentino (Citizenship Book of Trento: History and tradition of the surnames of Trentino), published in 1975. - È arrivata martedì in tarda mattinata ad Arco la statua di San Venceslao di Boemia. Today, I want to start a detailed discussion on the CITY of Trento. A walk through the historical 'monumental' cemetery of the city of Trento, in Trentino-Alto Adige in northern Italy. Consegnata oggi all’attore e scrittore Andrea Castelli l’Aquila di San Venceslao, simbolo della città di Trento, nel corso di una cerimonia svoltasi a palazzo Geremia. Trento, Castello del Buonconsiglio - Wikipedia, Il Museo è aperto tutti i giorni dalle 9.00 alle 12.30 e dalle 14.30 alle 18.00, Chiuso i lunedì non festivi, il 1 novembre, il 25 dicembre, il 1 gennaio, Premio MUCGT Trento Film Festival Berge und Kulturen, Premio internazionale di etnografia alpina „Michelangelo Mariani“, Clicca qui per iscriverti alla nostra newsletter. RIDDLE: What centuries-old mystical legends are still told about the discovery of a 'miraculous cross' on top of a mountain? In this 23-minute video, I document our day in Favrio – called 'Freri' in local dialect – sharing the discoveries we made. A Short Tutorial on Trentini Surnames, Welcome to Trentino Genealogy by Lynn Serafinn, Trentino Genealogy – La Genealogia del Trentino, Founded by genealogist Lynn Serafinn, this is a special community for people who are researching their Trentino family history, to enable us to connec…. #fca_eoi_form_1218 .fca_eoi_layout_2.fca_eoi_layout_postbox div.fca_eoi_layout_email_field_wrapper { @media screen and ( max-width: 100% ) { On pages 16-23 of Bertoluzza’s book from 1975, he lists ALL the names from the 1577 Libro della Cittadinanza di Trento. Via Mach, 2 In fact, beneath the present-day city can visit the ruins of the ancient streets and homes dating back to the Roman era. As you probably know, my spring trip to Trento was cancelled due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Oliviero Stock, pioneer of artificial intelligence, awarded the Aquila di San Venceslao. Toponomastica Trentina: I Nomi delle Località Abitate. Just a bit of fun at my cousins' house (a converted castle) near Rovereto in Trentino. Journal of Maps. With specific reference to the city of Trento, one good example is the Libro della Cittadinanza (Citizenship Book of Trento), written in 1577 – only a few years after the Concilio di Trento (Council of Trento). width:100%; My father’s family immigrated to the United States in 1923, and he never made the journey to see his ancestral home. Watch Queue Queue. Queste date indicano il punto di partenza di due vicende che – in tempi diversi – hanno forgiato il concetto di “autonomia” nella storia del Trentino. Surnames in the above list that are identical to how I’ve typically seen them written include: Many others need only a slight tweak to see their more well-known forms. A brief view of the panorama around the farm B&B Maso Pra Cavai in Bleggio, Trentino. Aquila di San Venceslao. 80014030227 Last time, in Part 1 in this special series on Trentino valleys, I gave you an overview of the CIVIL and CHURCH structures in Italy, as well as the VALLEYS in the Province of Trentino (sometimes called the Province of Trento). Some of the names in the above list might look more familiar if we apply these permutations ‘rules’ to find its more modern form. Current Director of the PerTe Project. Please re-enter recipient e-mail address(es). As you probably know, my spring trip to Trento was cancelled due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Giuseppe Šebesta, Ethnograf und Essayist, Kameramann und Regisseur, Maler, Märchendichter und Erzähler, Schöpfer von beweglichen Puppen, ist der Gründer des Trentiner Volkskundemuseums in San Michele (1968), des „Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente di Romagna“ in Santarcangelo (1971) und des „Museo etnografico degli Zattieri del Piave“ in Codissago di Castellavazzo (2001) und kann somit als einer der Väter des modernen ethnografischen Museumswesens in Italien angesehen werden. By the 1800s, we see only a handful of names listed, which certainly do not represent all the property owners of the city in that century. For example, these names on the list might be more commonly seen thusly (although I must stress that I am only hypothesising here): Lastly, some people appear not to have be recorded by a surname at all; rather, they are identified by their place of origin. Trentino, Tyrolean, Italian? +39 0461 650314 - Fax +39 0461 650703 If we apply this along with other needed shifts, we see: In modern Italian, the combination ‘sci’ is pronounced like ‘shi’; a double ‘s’ makes the consonant soft, like the last letters in the word ‘hiss’. You'll learn a local legend about the plague of 1630, see breath-taking views of La Chiesa the San Faustino, Monte Irone and Monte San Martino, discover the 'sorgente' (or source) of the mountain spring that gives life to this ancient village, learn about the practice of 'filò' and visit fascinating mountain houses – with their tiny wooden doors and rounded stone archways – built in 1571. XIII, i conti del Tirolo, ai quali spettavano i compiti di difesa del Principato (il già ricordato compito di avvocato), non nascondevano le mire di secolarizzare i principati di Trento … As there are hundreds of names, I cannot possibly list them here; moreover, it is difficult to ‘scan’ through them, as they were entered as and when new landowners were recorded. We’ll also look at some of the common historic surnames associated with each place of these places, and tips for your genealogy research. A partire dal 1339 l’Aquila di San Venceslao è stata per ben sei secoli il simbolo araldico del Principato vescovile di Trento, per divenire poi nel 1988 lo stemma della Provincia autonoma di Trento. } Trento: Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Servizio Beni librari e archivistici. could not be ‘citizens’; nor could people who had only recently moved to the city or who were just passing through. After that, we’ll conclude our discussion on the city of Trento with a discussion on the parishes that come under the DECANATO (deanery) of Trento, with details about the records that are available for research in each. P.S. #fca_eoi_form_1218 .fca_eoi_layout_2.fca_eoi_layout_postbox div.fca_eoi_layout_submit_button_wrapper { Get to Know Your Ancestral ‘Neighbours’ Please leave a comment to let me know. In this video, I describe what life was like in Romeo’s home village, and the trials of crossing the ocean to a strange, new land. But most of all, I hope you'll be able to feel what I felt when I walked the same streets and visited the same houses my ancestors would have seen (and possibly lived in) over 400 years ago. } In this podcast, we’ll explore the difference between 'IMPERIAL' and 'ECCLESIASTICAL' nobility, how we can tell if our ancestors were ennobled, how noble titles were passed down, how to find our ancestor's coat-of-arms, and much more. From the floors in the Duomo of San Vigilio, to those in the magnificent Castello del Buonconsiglio, to the city streets themselves, to the ‘Tre Portoni’ archways leading to Palazzo delle Albere, you will see these pink and white stones everywhere. width:100%; Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: Your request to send this item has been completed. In that article, we’ll look at the population, surnames, occupations, languages and other demographics of the people living in the city at in the late 19th century. To be sure to receive these and all future articles from Trentino Genealogy, simply subscribe to the blog using the form below. I'll also talk a bit about the history of the Painelli family. In this 8-minute tutorial, I show you what it can do, and how to use it, even if you don't understand Italian. März 2005, kurz nach Mitternacht, ist Šebesta in Fondo am Nonsberg gestorben… Das umfangreiche und überaus vielfältige Werk Giuseppe Šebestas… Wir haben außerdem versucht, die Filmografie Šebestas zu rekonstruieren… When I first started looking at old maps of Trento (such as the one in the image at the top of this page), I was baffled because the River Adige seemed to curve around and ‘embrace’ the city in such a way that it does not do today. Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript. P. IVA 01351340227 - C.F. #fca_eoi_form_1218 .fca_eoi_layout_2.fca_eoi_layout_postbox div.fca_eoi_layout_submit_button_wrapper { Trento: Dossi Editore. Part 2 of ‘Trentino Valleys, Parishes and People: A Guide for Genealogists’ by Lynn Serafinn. What was the role of the midwife, and how were midwives trained in Trentino? } I made this video for my grandsons Percy and Hadrian on 31 Oct 2019, in honour of what would have been the 100th birthday of my late father, Romeo Fedele Serafini (known as Ralph Serafinn in the US). The E-mail Address(es) field is required. You'll hear me huffing and puffing, as this mountain village is just never stops going up, up, up! After that, the awarding of the Eagle by Sara Ferrari, followed by greetings by Stock. These names start to ‘feel’ more familiar to me, as they resemble more closely (and in some cases are the same as) the forms of these surnames as I have seen them in the parish records, which started not long before this in the 1560s. Castello del Buonconsiglio di Trento. The The recently updated version of the website enables you to EXPORT results from your online search to a CSV file. } What’s in a Name? It began its clinical activity in October 2014. 38010 San Michele All'Adige (TN)

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