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It is only a matter of proceeding on the basis of the "intellectus fidei", putting aside the postulates and apriorisms proper to certain practices that are likely to affect also in the field of politics, ecclesiastical and otherwise. It is evident that on some things it is not possible to settle. It needs to be forgotten ... left to merge into the Church's general background murmur rather than touted around as if it offered anything whatsoever to help us to deal with Now." I suppose that was naïve. I think Father McDonald is very wise in his assessment. But if further interpretative and doctrinal questions arise in reading them, they must (and have always been) faced with the method proper to Catholic theology. ". "I do not think we can follow this method, nor the method of “throwing the baby out with the bath water.” With regard to a legitimate ecumenical Council, even if there were negative points, we have to maintain an overall attitude of respect. © Copyright 2020 Crisis Magazine. THIS MAN DOES NOT SPEAK WITH FORKED TONGUE. Both on the issue - now more disputed than ever - of the Second Vatican Council. Among them, a criterion of diachronic and synchronic totality must certainly be recognized. THE LETTER OF THE THEOLOGIAN FRANCESCO ARZILLO. Indeed, we went into the factual, claimed reception of the Great Synod, skipping the intermediate step of hermeneutic weighting. Vatican II, as implemented, was a flop. Just like alcoholics, we must admit the problem, before we can solve it. Paradoxically, then, we end up talking too much and almost exclusively about Vatican II, which is a Council already "metabolized" by theologians as well as by the faithful, starting from the next generation: a fairly contradictory position (if we want, even on a logical level) with respect  to the traditional premises of those who profess it. Key phrase: ...“new ecclesial pragmatics" which does not worry too much about this continuity, thanks also to the exorbitant evaluation of the "signs of the times".Indeed. In fact there is a novelty: I want to say that up to the beginning of this summer there were many who testified the fall of interest - let's say so - for the last Great Synod, despite my high lai. The other said that although the Council contains grave errors, that we must respect, as well as maintain, the Council.Rome and my bishop, teach that Vatican II is orthodox, relevant, and informs every aspect of Church life. I get that. Developed by Fiat Insight. IS VATICAN II THE BLAME FOR THIS AND OTHER ABSURID... FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! This is not enough, because the serious initial historical-ideological conditioning of the vision of Vatican II as an "event" has remained (see the French historiography, for the historical vision, especially after "Les Annales"), which leads the  correct interpretation. "It seems to me that, 50 years after the Council, we see that this virtual Council is broken, is lost, and there now appears the true Council with all its spiritual force. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. In terms of the new cardinals Pope Francis has appointed and the key positions given to some of them and the men he has not elevated to the cardinalate, t he Holy Father appears determined to ensure that the aims of his papacy will endure after he is gone. Today, then, we can resort to that extraordinary source of knowledge of Pope Paul VI which is the Diary of Cardinal Pericles Felici, a publication edited by me. if a valid and magisterial Council, V2 is very poor one like Vienne was and is now forgotten. Therefore, this was the dominant one, the more effective one, and it created so many disasters, so many problems, so much suffering: seminaries closed, convents closed, banal liturgy … and the real Council had difficulty establishing itself and taking shape; the virtual Council was stronger than the real Council. His extensive knowledge of all things "Asian" should keep him quite comfortable there, and perhaps he can start his own self promoting blog highlighting his great personal Holy Devotion to all things Vatican II. We even go so far as to say that hermeneutics, interpretation, should be excluded from the doctrinal field. With regard to the reception of the sacraments by the divorced and remarried, is there the possibility of a change [...], One Vatican specialist (Sandro Magister) headlined a recent article thus: The Hundred Days of Francis and the Enigma of the Empty Chair. Think of the need, recently defended by me, of the use of the language of "substance" also in Eucharistic matter ("transubstantiation"). With Fr Hunwicke scholarship is tempered with whimsy; he delights in paradox and irony, preaches the most entertaining yet thought-provoking homilies, and as a lecturer can hold an audience spellbound when he is the last to speak at the end of a long day.His critique of what he calls 'Bergoglianism' is trenchant but well-founded, and his contempt for the 'ultrahyperueberpapalism' of certain Francis sycophants would have been shared by St John Henry Newman. the media coverage of the traditionalist criticisms of Vatican II, with annexes and connections, is quite worrying and in some ways surprising. All are welome is the mantra you should be chanting not one of exclusion especially of those who don't accept Vatican II anymore or never did. ", You forgot about him pulling his hand away when the people were trying to kiss his ring. Here follows the full English translation of His Excellency’s letter of response to Sandro Magister, reprinted with permission: 3 July 2020. Can I ask, do you think Fr Hunwicke’s blog is a similar “echo chamber”? Unfortunatley The Imodium doesn't seem to be effective. happy holidays, if you can enjoy it! Archbishop Agostino Marchetto, author of the second, in diplomacy until 2010, is one of the most systematic scholars of Vatican Council II, as well as a fierce critic of the reconstruction of that event produced by the "Bologna school" founded by Giuseppe Dossetti and then directed  by Giuseppe Alberigo and Alberto Melloni. If he DOES get a dissenting or valid question that is sincere or worth responding to, he often posts about the topic. A strange Easter message, coming from a pope, for a resurrection wholly and solely political. Pax.Mark Thomas. he Holy Father appears determined to ensure that the aims of his papacy will endure after he is gone. As goes sociology, so goes ecclesiology. But I think I owe you these lines that touch my "love", the Vatican II Ecumenical Council. Fr H, if what you wrote above is true about Fr Z’s blog, we should be even more grateful for this blog, which allows different views and opinions to be stated and discussed. I wish that Pope Emeritus had the strength to take on the recent nonsense that Archbishop Viganò and Bishop Schneider espoused in regard to Vatican II.I know that he has blessed us for decades with a wealth of material that has revealed the authentic Vatican II.Unfortunately, right-wingers and left-wingers have ignored Father, Cardinal, Pope, Pope Emeritus Joseph Ratzinger's valuable writings and addresses that have presented unto us the authentic Vatican II.I realize that today, even if he had the energy to discuss at length Vatican II, that the Church's right-wing, as represented by Archbishop Viganò and Bishop Schneider — that ilk — would dismiss Pope Emeritus' presentation(s) of the Council.The left-wing would also ignore Pope Emeritus.But at least among the overwhelming amount of Catholics who don't belong to the Church's extreme wings, those with the desire to encounter the true Council would obtain the truth about the orthodox Second Sacred Vatican Ecumenical Council.Pax.Mark Thomas. For example, on the traditionalist side the statement of "Gaudium et spes" 22 is often referred to according to which "with the incarnation the Son of God united himself in a certain way with every man" ("cum omni homine quodammodo se univit"  ). "Father Hunwicke and Bishop Schneider differ radically in regard to Vatican II. This is not the first complaint we have had about it either, and I suspect it won't be the last. Meanwhile, the organization has come forward with an official statement about their founder, Father Maciel, and the future of the order: We had thought and hoped that the accusations [...]. He is certainly scholarly but wears his scholarship in a different way than does (say) Peter Kwasniewski (whom I have also met, admire and whose musical knowledge I have benefited from). The use of historiographic methods and criteria with theological-doctrinal purposes seems to overlook the fact that the Council, as well as the documents of the conciliar and post-conciliar popes, are acts of magisterium to be interpreted according to theological and canonical criteria, without confusion of the  investigation. Sandro Magister publishes two articles, a google translation: I receive and publish the following two letters. Vatican II is here to stay so get used to it (or get out)! He’s going to have bad days. An opinion: the letters are too long and complicated for the casual reader to understand. Z would never put up with someone like him). By Sandro Magister — February 27, 2020 (L'Espresso) — The explosion of individual desires transformed into rights for all is a matter of daily news, in the West and beyond. Fr Hunwicke has the best solution for all this V2 crisis:"Vatican II needs to be helped to fall out of the memory of the Church, just as Vienne has been. How about his drubbing of the Cardinals and Bishops of the Roman Curia as a Christmas gift a few years ago? Acceptance of Vatican II and being critical of one who chronically hijaks a matter what he is rambling about are 2 different issues. THE NATIONAL CHISMATIC REPORTER (NCR), AKA, SCHISM... BISHOP ELECT STEPHEN PARKES MEETS THE AUGUSTA MAFIA. Americans coming to Fr Hunwicke's 'Mutual Enrichment' blog need to put him in a context which is quintessentially English. In a remarkable article published in the magazine "30 Days" in 2010, the great Jesuit biblical scholar Ignace de la Potterie recalled the previous Thomistic according to which "considering the generality of men, all the time in the world, Christ is the head of all  men, but according to different degrees "(" Summa theologica "III, 8, 3) and explained: "But if the words" according to different degrees "and" in a certain way "were not removed from the phrase" Summa theologica "and from the phrase" Gaudium et spes ", all the data of the Catholic faith would not be respected. THIS MIGHT BE BEATING A DEAD HORSE, BUT HOW HAS GO... SELF ABSORPTION AND THE CORRUPTION OF THE TRUE CHURCH. But MT would be quite at home in Stalinist Russia, denouncing 'enemies of the people'. I'm sure there were more than a few priests and bishops in the Fourth Century who would self righteously proclaim, "Arianism is here to stay, so get used to it (or get out)"!Like Athanasius, Vigano and Schneider are patiently bearing the crosses of our present stupidity and obstinance. © 2020 The Catholic Thing. In terms of the new cardinals Pope Francis has appointed and the key positions given to some of them and the men he has not elevated to the cardinalate, the Holy Father appears determined to ensure that the aims of his papacy will endure after he is gone. Mark Thomas,Thanks for your daily dose of Imodium nonsense. This poor little boy evidently didn't grow up in the 60's and 70's when this nonbinding "pastoral" council was imposed subjectively and gave birth to the great confusion that we are still dealing with. Therefore they can be misinterpreted. With no limits anymore. All Rights Reserved. It's almost hilarious to hear our resident "expert" opine that Schneider, Vigano and others are sowing "confusion" by finally giving some clarity about what is wrong with Vatican II. Crisis Magazine is a project of Sophia Institute Press. Fr. THIS MAKES SENSE TO ME, BUT HOW ABOUT YOU? Now, since the beginning of the summer, there has been an unfolding of an interest which is also revealed in conflicting relationships. Big Nose Kavanaugh,You are an exclusionist just like your political party - if you don't drool for more and more abortions you cannot be a party standard bearer. I would like to propose that we start a "Go Fund Me" page for Mark Thomas, with the noble purpose of buying this poor rambling soul a one way ticket on a slow boat to China. Francis’ labeling of people who love the Church’s Tradition as rigid, and the suggestion that there is something psychologically wrong with them is just plain mean. This isn't what Pope Francis would recommend at all Nasone. Anon 10:36 - you can’t argue with Fr Z on his blog because he only allows comments that agree with his views - I and many friends know because we’ve tried. Francis is a human being. All rights reserved. Let us hope that that the Lord will assist us. MY CONTENTION, BASED UPON A TECHNICALITY, IS THAT ... NEW PALLIUM FOR NEW ARCHBISHOP OF ATLANTA? No debate, no criticism, no independence of thought. The implementation of Vatican II in Africa and Asia opened the door to boom times in said regions.Vatican II, as well as the Novus Ordo, are alive and well in those parts of the world.Pope Benedict XVI, February 14, 2013 A.D. But this does not mean that every linguistic change or every accent shift implies a doctrinal contradiction. Francis scoffed at a spiritual bouquet people offered him. At the top of the page, a detail from the mosaics in the basilica of Saint Mary Major, Rome, fifth century, depicting the heavenly Jerusalem. | German "=======================================================================I stand with Pope (Emeritus) Benedict XVI.His knowledge, deep insight, and analysis of Vatican II, has, during the past 60 or so years, been unsurpassed among Churchmen.He knows what he's talking about when it comes to Vatican II. This is especially due to the introduction of "new parameters" or "new ecclesial pragmatics" which does not worry too much about this continuity, thanks also to the exorbitant evaluation of the "signs of the times". | Spanish THINK SAINT PETER’S BASILICA BEING CAPTURED AND TU... A RENOVATION DONE WELL WITH ITS FINISHES BUT STILL... BISHOP-ELECT PARKES FIRST HOMILY AT THURSDAY'S CAT... BISHOP ELECT STEPHEN PARKES’ BROTHER, BISHOP GRE... HABEMUS BISHOP! It would serve the 2 fold purpose of giving MT his own space for his devoted ramblings, while relieving the rest of us of the burden of his incessant hijacking of this blog. He should really go over to Father Z's website and argue with him:"Francis has a mean streak. O my, get out????? I will listen to their voices in regard to Vatican II.Father Hunwicke, Archbishop Viganò, and Bishop Schneider sow confusion and promote mutiny in regard to the Second Sacred Vatican Ecumenical Council. But in this way the unacceptable radical hermeneutic philosophies (which reduce the truth - and ultimately the same being - an interpretative event) are confused with the physiological use of the believing intellect in the comparison with the dogmatic texts: use that has always existed and  which must respond to certain canons, of which the ultimate guarantor always remains the ecclesial magisterium. That’s the future.” — Senator Josh Hawley I’ve held off on writing a post-election column, hoping against hope that the votes would be counted quickly and fairly. The problem therefore is not the fact of interpretation, but the identification of the related criteria. From my studies in fact (in addition to the volume cited above, see also the one entitled "The Vatican II Ecumenical Council. EVEN CARDINAL KASPER SEEMS TO HAVE UNDERGONE A CAT... SANDRO MAGISTER, JUST IN CASE YOU CAN’T GET ENOUGH... O MY! Creation, According to Ratzinger (and a couple of other guys), At bishops’ meeting, it’s mostly McCarrick, Pope Francis: Pray that robots don’t turn against us, Two priests on the way ahead after McCarrick. In the diachronic profile there is that of continuity over the centuries, which excludes doctrinal contradictions, provided that the contradiction is correctly identified, in relation to the precise scope of a truth and its doctrinal "weight" (the classic "theological note"). First of all, there is an emphasis on the Council as an "event": with a singular methodological subordination to the well-known concepts of progressive brand (of the "Bologna school" but not only). Thank you! Archbishop Viganò responds to Sandro Magister. It is easier for us today to consider en bloc, for example, the outcome of the Christological councils of the first centuries;  but we cannot ignore the centuries-old interpretative conflicts that took centuries to settle, even after the Council of Chalcedon in 451. Pax.Mark Thomas. The WDTPRS blog is purely an echo chamber of sycophants - otherwise known as the narcissist’s playground! Of course in Mark Thomas's Manichaean worldview he is a right-wing mutineer and sower of confusion. Pierre said..."Vatican II, as implemented, was a flop. Z is a brilliant man and just operates "His Way". | French E-mail: Postal address: Sandro Magister, "L'espresso", via C. Colombo 90, 00147 Roma Site design by Theo Nelki. Perhaps thinking, erroneously, that "what made boss has". "But the real force of the Council was present and, slowly but surely, established itself more and more and became the true force which is also the true reform, the true renewal of the Church. This is a simple, great example of hermeneutics of continuity applied to a fundamental point of Catholic doctrine, for which the Christian is not such by nature, but by grace. Sandro Magister has a damning verdict on the Pope’s Easter missive to his pet popular movements: Here, made public for the first time, is the full text of the letter. According to the method proper to all biblical revelation. on which all the evil consequences of Vatican II can be pinned is singularly unconvincing.However, these remarks were made only three days after the shock announcement of his abdication, and the clarity of expression which characterized most of his discourse as Pope was on this occasion lacking. I ASK; YOU ANSWER. April 16, 2020. Look at any metric and the Church is far worse off than it was before. I get the impression that he reads all of his comments, but he doesn't have time for a lot of foolishness and doesn't bother with so many of the ridiculous dissents that one might encounter in such a forum (I'm sure one name comes to mind for all of us who post here--Fr. Look at any metric and the Church is far worse off than it was before. "I myself, secluded in prayer, will always be with you and together let us go forward with the Lord in the certainty that the Lord will conquer. November 6, 2020 Donald Trump and the Politics of Charity by Michael Warren Davis “We are a working-class party now. Heretic’s or Catholic’s, Vatican Zero, this will push the empty suit, MT, over the top. Tuesday, November 10, 2020. Sandro Magister. THE COASTAL REGION OF GEORGIA REPORTS COVID-19 STA... SHOULD THE CHURCH CONTINUE TO KOWTOW TO THE STATE ... TOO HIGH, TOO LOW OR JUST RIGHT? THE "CIRCULAR" OF ARCHBISHOP AGOSTINO MARCHETTO. THE HYPOCRISY OF THE NATIONAL SCHISMATIC REPORTER. Francesco Arzillo, author of the first, is a magistrate from Rome who is an appreciated writer of essays on philosophy and theology. better article. Tuesday, July 28, 2020 SANDRO MAGISTER, JUST IN CASE YOU CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF VATICAN II Sandro Magister publishes two articles, a google translation: The dispute over Vatican II is increasingly heated. Counterpoint for its history", LEV, Vatican City 2005, p. 407) -  it turned out that the work of the "school of Bologna" was largely published with great historical and ideological gaps, both as regards private council journals, but above all because it was performed without the support of official documents essential for understanding the  Magno Synod, such as the Acts of its governing bodies and the general secretariat. It is not possible to adhere to Karl Rahner's epistemology, to the extent that it potentially excludes representations and interpretations that would not necessarily be part of it from the binding content of the proposition of faith: this is a discourse that ultimately excludes the same identifiability as the referent  of doctrinal discourse, which in some way needs appropriate concepts, such as included in the content of the dogma and not interchangeable "ad libitum". Both Bert Einstein and Warren Buffet liked to draft their writings so that a sixth grader could understand them. In this regard - as I was able to present better in the first history of the Council's historiography (see my "Vatican II Ecumenical Council. Sandro Magister, Settimo Cielo. I can really recommend reading what Fr Hunwicke wrote on his blog (Mutual Enrichment, on the 24th July, 2020 in his post: What is to be done about “The Council” ?! In fact, I believe that the current "crisis" from which the Catholic Church suffers is also caused by this abandonment, by the question of its correct hermeneutics, the one announced precisely by Pope Benedict XVI, that is, not "of rupture and discontinuity, but of  reform and renewal in the continuity of the one subject Church ". I understand why Joseph Ratzinger, who was a peritus at Vatican II when the Rhine flowed into the Tiber, would be loath to criticize the Council directly, but his postulation of a 'virtual Council' or 'Council of the media' (which media?) Praying that happens quickly before you hijack anymore threads on this blog. I will not report here, but instead two remarks, namely that there is no mention of the need for non-rupture (accepted instead from the extreme positions radicalized after Vatican II, with weakening of the intermediate interpretation, that is to say, of the "et ... et"  hermeneutics, that is the so-called "traditional", a quite different category than those who are called "traditionalists") and little emphasis is given to the "continuity of the one subject Church". It affects birth and death, technology and the environment, politics and migration, in short, the very nature of man. AND reading some of the brilliant comments that follow what Fr Hunwicke wrote about Vatican II. | Italian 2. In regard to the fake Council, the "Council of the media", as compared to the authentic Vatican II, he declared:"We know that this Council of the media was accessible to everyone. He wishes to accompany those in irregular situations with the Church and/or Vatican II and allow diversity in acceptance of its teachings not only on Vatican II but illicit marriage and the like. For its correct hermeneutics", LEV, Vatican City 2012, p. 380) I draw the belief that even those who recall,  praising them, other hermeneutic tendencies, that of Peter Hünermann, for example, or John W. O'Malley, Gilles Routhier or Christoph Theobald, actually brings polluted water to the same mill. The AP reporter writes that ‘Francis’ obsession with Satan’ is because he has mentioned the devil ‘on a handful of occasions’ within a [...], The apostolic visitation of the Legion of Christ was wrapped up this month, and the contents of the final report will be revealed in late April. Site designed by Hyperdo Media. Go hereto read the rest. Fr. 3 July 2020 Saint Irenaeus, Bishop and Martyr Dear Mr. Magister, Permit me to reply to your article “ Archbishop Viganò on the Brink of Schism,” published at Settimo Cielo on June 29 . "Not in Africa and Asia. | Portuguese, Quartet for the End of Time by Olivier Messiaen. Many of you were angry that he referred to Joe Biden as the second Catholic [...], On the plane, on the way back from Brazil, the journalist Gianguido Vecchi, of Corriere della Sera asked Pope Francis the following question.

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