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Santa Prisca Santa Prisca was originally named for a Christian emperor of the late Roman Empire. Santa Prisca Created by: The Question (comics) It is recorded as the Titulus Priscae in the acts of the 499 synod. Santa Prisca is a small island located in the northern Caribbean and shows strong influences from the period of Spanish colonialism, the introduction of African slaves, and its prominent role in the illegal drug trade. Northern Caribbean First Appearance: Upon gaining its independence from Spain in a violent revolution, Santa Prisca became one of the deadliest warzones in the New World, setting a trend that would continue for the many long years to come. Planet: A British mercenary named Edmund Dorrance, or 'King Snake' also took part in the revolution, only to watch as it began to fall apart. E’ probabile che sia stata la fondatrice di un’antica chiesa sull’Aventino. Generally drug lords are seen as the true rulers of the island, and Santa Prisca has long been considered one of the key developers in Gotham's drug trade, and is the "birthplace" of the strength enhancing drug "Venom". Locale: Star System: The high levels of corruption and crime make Santa Prisca the perfect haven for all sorts of criminals. The military put a price on the heads of all suspected of helping the revolution, including Thomas Wayne, and eventually defeated the rebels after a bloody set of battles. Renowned in the Batman mythos for rampant political corruption and an equally infamous prison, Peña Duro, it has also been remembered as the birthplace of Bane. The long and bitter civil wars dragged on, leaving the island heavily impoverished. The island's climate is generally that of a "tropical paradise" although like many Caribbean islands it also sees hurricanes. Denny O'Neil 18 gennaio: sec. It was in this island that the performance enhancer drug known as Venom was perfected, after initial developments in Gotham City. Santa Prisca was originally introduced by Denny O'Neil in The Question, and made sporadic appearances throughout O'Neil's tenure as Group Editor for Batman titles at DC Comics. Santa Prisca is a titular church of Rome, on the Aventine Hill, for Cardinal-priests. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Milky Way Santa Prisca slowly sank into the ground, ravaged by countless turf wars between local drug lords and ruthless military men. Shortly after he had named himself El Jefe del Pais or 'Head of the Country', he was driven from power and forced from the island. Santa Prisca Sol In terms of how its atmosphere is usually depicted, the island is split into sections of opulence for vacationers and notable members of the drug trade, with the rest of the island living in poverty, and brutal oppression by various factions seeking to rule the island. Renowned in the Batman mythos for rampant political corruption and an equally infamous prison, Peña Duro, it has also been remembered as the birthplace of Bane. Curiously, Santa Prisca is also the source of one of the key secret ingredients to "Zesti Soda", the most popular soda in the DC Universe, a fact that eventually led to a revolution on the island with the Zesti corporation largely having power over the island at the revolution's end. The fall of Sebastion reduced Santa Prisca to brutal civil war again, with a new military government seizing power, and attempting to crush an almost immediate revolution staged against it. General Information It was first colonized by Spanish explorers, who brought with them deadly European diseases that killed off much of Santa Prisca's original native population. Country: Earth Enraged, he forgot his intricate plans to remove the drug lords and attacked them directly, only to be subdued and forced into their service. Batman Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Subì il martirio sotto Claudio II, nel III secolo, venne sepolta sulla Via Ostiense e traslata sull’Aventino. He discovered that in his absence a new form of Venom had been developed and was being sold on the island. Many powerful crooks seized the opportunity to turn Santa Prisca into a haven for illegal activities. It is devoted to Saint Prisca, a 1st-century martyr, whose relics are contained in the altar in the crypt. III. More recently Bane returned to his homeland with the intent of removing the drug lords from power. State: Official name: Sensing weakness in the current military regime after the revolution, Juan Paolo Sebastion returned to Santa Prisca with an army of foreign mercenaries, backed by an unidentified Swiss interest, whose one condition was that all Jesuits be driven from the island. The island is also known for its infamous prison, Pena Duro. Santa Prisca Thomas Wayne visited the island to aid in hurricane relief while his wife remained in America, pregnant with Bruce Wayne. The island has undergone many revolutions, and the villainous King Snake was blinded while working as a mercenary in the employ of anti-Communist rebels. Galaxy: Santa Prisca is a fictional Latin American island country, located in the northeastern Caribbean. Santa Prisca was also chosen by Benedict Asp as the place to hold Shondra Kinsolving and Jack Drake as hostages, until their hideout was discovered by the Justice League Task Forceand Asp was forced to ta… The woman was forced to serve a sentence for the 'war crimes' of her boyfriend, and gave birth while in prison to a son, who would later grow up to be Bane, one of Batman's most dangerous enemies. However, dissent over the new regime began to topple Sebastion's new government. Edmund Dorrance fled the island to avoid capture, but his lover, an unnamed woman, was seized instead. Santa Prisca Martire. Santa Prisca is a fictional Latin American island country, located in the northeastern Caribbean. Church. Inspired by the uprising of Fidel Castro in Cuba, Juan Paolo Sebastion, an power-grabbing revolutionary, toppled the corrupted Santa Priscan government easily in a three day war. After crushing feeble resistance by the Santa Priscan forces, he declared himself ruler of the island again, while his Swiss benefactor was murdered by Jean-Paul Valley in retaliation for his actions against the Jesuits.

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