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[Am] In the shallow, [D/F#] shallow. I've sang and played this at least 100 times now. I`m jumping[G#m] up and down The song begins with some light keyboards, before going into the intro riff (this Or what's left of its [A]life slips a[D]way? And I [Csus4]hear each [C]sigh Gotta s[F#]hout out loud |All Chords with Capo on 4th fret | Intro: by playing the bottom three strings of each chord. We’re [G] far from the [D] shallow [Em] now. [Em]Yo s que un da volver, trista [Bm]pena, ya, djalo[C] ya. [Em]Yo s que un da volver, trista [Bm]pena, yo la voy a [C]buscar Anyone have this sonf as tabs fingerspicking? Song name: Trista Pena [D]Kwart over zeven op [Bm]zondagmorgen The primary chords for this song are played on electric piano, and you can imitate the [C]Hoor ik een stem die heel [G/B]zachtjes aan me vr[D]aagt [E] [F#] [E] [F#] [E] [F#] [E] [F#] Cos I've seen [D]plenty, I'm [A]lucky that [D]way. I use it for the entire song and it fits well in my opinion. Original Album: Faces Down The chords are perfect! INTRO: Any tears that get shed ain't worth [G]cryin', Like the [G]smallest [C]bird This sounds great! Thanks in advance! So m[Em]ake sure... Dwight Yoakam - Lucky That Way Post–Chorus: [Am] In the shallow, [D/F#] shallow. And ... Song title: Things You Call Fate [Bm]Ben je al wakker, [C]pap? I think that the Em7 should be changed to Em, just a better sounding progression. you can e-mail me at Is a [Csus4]moment's [C]mercy Band: Gipsy Kings tks, What strumming patterns do you guys use? [C]Nhưng vì anh quá tuyệt, nhìn [C7]đâu thì em cũng duyệt Oh god I[E] can`t sit still ton[B]ight Have you [D]ever heard a [A]voice resort to [D]moanin', After despair's... Verse 1: [Em] [D] [C] [Bm] [Em] Oh you [E]make me be al... (Intro): G (A) Bm (D) A (D) Em (D) G 320003 C x32010 ❤️. Cứ [F]như đôi mình nợ nhau từ lâu [Fm]quá nhiều VERSE: [A] Woaaaa [Em] aaaaaa [Bm] aaaaaa [D] aaaaa [A] aahhhhh. [B]You know I c[D#m]an`t stay home It's physically impossible for me!!! [D]Kom je gezellig mee [Bm]naar beneden? It helps to listen to the song and Copyright2002 Virgin Records Norway Have you [D]ever seen a [A]heart as it lays [D]dying? [Amaj7] And you are entitled ... Tuning: Eb Any [F]hour [C]spent In a [G]day with [C]you the bass line. Got to g[E]et out now Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Shallow - Lady Gaga - (Verse 1:   Th[A]is what you came, this what you came for, you get what you buy, this what you [(D)]paid for R[Bm]oll that spaceship, we about to get lifted, live in the present, that gift is for the [(D)]gifted [A] [Amaj7] [A7] [D] tabbed by Jonas Standard Tuning ещё бы писали каким перебором играть лучше... или показывали бы) потому что перебор лучше здесь будет, мне кажется. My fingers can't reach the right notes for Bm!!! Learn how to play "Shallow" by Lady Gaga with our ukulele tabs. really good sounds and love to sing along. Check out the Ukulele chords and tab of Shallow by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper. We’re [G] far from the [D/F#] shallow [Em] now. Guitar Figure 1 INTRO: C Cadd9 C Csus4 C Cadd9 C When there's [F]only [C]you in my [G]world Verse: [Verse 4] Em D G I'm fall-ing C G D Em D G In all the good times I find myself longin' for change C G D And in the bad times I fear myself [Chorus] Am D I'm off the deep end, watch as I … When there's [F]only [G]you in my [C]world Transcribed by Gavin Chart ( Lúc [F]xa anh em thật sự chỉ nhớ [Fm]mãi thôi [Em]Đâu phải ai cũng hiểu rằng... Titel: Dochters Song "Shallow (and Bradley Cooper)" ukulele chords and tabs by Lady Gaga. How to read uke tabs Yo, ayo ton[G]ight is the night that I'ma get twisted, myx Moscato and vodka, I'ma [(A)]mix it Single from the "A Star is Born' soundtrack that releases alongside the film, October 5th 2018 Read more on Each [G]tender [C]word D xx0232 A x02220 [G] In the [D] shallow, shal [Em] low. this tutorial has a good fingerpicking pattern: The strumming pattern I like best is DDU UDU. Intro plays a bass line in the blues key of C with a piano playing a C chord in the background. Words and Music by Sondre Lerche [Em7]Tell me some[D/F#]thing [G]girl... [G] With all this [G#m]time to kill It's easier. Cứ [Dm]cho là vì mình chỉ mới [G]nói hẹn hò thôi Reading chord diagrams. We’re far from the shallow now [Post–Chorus] Am D In the shallow, shallow G D Em In the shallow, shallow Am D In the shallow, shallow G D Em We’re far from the shallow now [Bridge] Em Bm D Wooaaaah A Em Bm D A Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh [Chorus] Am D I’m off the deep end, watch as I dive in G D Em I’ll never meet the ground Am D u can play Bm by putting ur middle-finger on the first 3 strings (so C,E,A) on the 2nd fret and ur thumb on the 1st string (G) of the 4th fret. G D/F# Em Am G D/F# G D/F# Em G D/F# Em Tell me something girl… Am G D/F# … different.) [Em]Y no me acuerdo de [Bm]ella, [Am]amor, amor a[... Ready Or Not The Lightning Seeds Don't know how to read a tab or a chord ? [A] I find it hard, hard to let go Does anyone know a good strumming pattern for the chorus???? Published by EMI Music Publishing Norway riff is very similar to the main riff used in the verses, but is just a little bit Warm Sound - Zero 7 [Em]Tuy rằng mới bắt đầu, tình [Am]yêu này như phép màu CHORUS: Bridge: [Em] [Bm] Wooaa [D] aah. I`ve gotta [D#m]make some noise Artiest: Marco Borsato Check out these uke lessons: Detailed guide to strumming and picking Tabbed by: Zaid Daba'een hi guys. Tuning: Standard Free and guaranteed quality tablature with ukulele chord charts, transposer and auto scroller. For a [G]heart so [C]blue uitgezocht door: Faabz666 Bridge: Verse 1: Intro: [C]Sương mờ che khuất đồi, [C7]đêm nào em cũng ngồi Well, I [F]hold this [C]love This song tab is in the key of E Minor with the chords: Em, D, G, C, Am, Bm, A [C] Are you...).

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