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"Vélez venció a Newell's y es el Supercampeón", "La AFA homologó la final de River como una copa nacional", Cancha Llena, 28 May 2014, Se sorteó el Fixture del Torneo de Transición, que arrancará en agosto y el 'Súper' en la 10ª, "Confirmado: El próximo torneo será con 30 equipos" on, "Asociación del Fútbol Argentino Boletín 4978", "Ya están las ofertas por los derechos de TV del fútbol argentino", "Sin Fútbol para Todos, la TV del fútbol argentino es una incógnita",ón&oldid=986364562, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 October 2020, at 11:29. Kasachstan | During this period, the traditional "Big Five" clubs, namely, Boca Juniors, River Plate, Independiente, Racing and San Lorenzo dominated Argentine football. Esta página foi editada pela última vez às 20h47min de 15 de setembro de 2020. Albanien | Luxemburg | Before those changes, a controversial project for the 2012–13 season had been proposed: it consisted in a new tournament that would contain both the Primera División and Primera B Nacional teams: the former was not going to have any relegated team in its 2011–12 season and include sixteen teams from the latter, Primera B Nacional. This practice was very controversial, especially since one of the biggest teams Boca Juniors lost the finals against Newell's Old Boys, costing them their first official championship since 1981 despite an unbeaten run in the Clausura. Bulgarien | Georgien | It began on 10 August 2018 and ended on 7 April 2019. The championship ran from July 2019 to March 2020.[14]. The Primera División (Spanish pronunciation: [pɾiˈmeɾa ðiβiˈsjon]; (English: "First Division"), named Liga Profesional de Fútbol (English: "Professional Football League") since 2020,[7] is a professional football league in Argentina,[8] organised by the Argentine Football Association (AFA). Armenien | It operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the Primera Nacional (Second Division), with the teams placed lowest at the end of the season being relegated. [7] One month after those announcements, the president of the Superliga, Mariano Elizondo, resigned. [33], After 20 years since the last time it had been used, the average system for relegations returned in the 1983 Metropolitano championship,[29] two years after San Lorenzo was relegated. 2009/10 | Starting August 2014, the "Torneo de Transición" was held, with 20 teams participating (17 from the 2013–14 season and 3 promoted from the 2013–14 Primera B Nacional). Traditionally, like other countries in Southern Hemisphere, football season began and ended according to the calendar year. Schweden | Polen | 2010/11 | Each team played the other 25 teams in a single round-robin tournament. England | [31] Nevertheless, there were no relegations until 1967 (with Unión (SF) and Deportivo Español being sent to Primera B after playing a relegation tournament contested by teams of First and Second divisions to define the promotions and relegations).[32]. The competition was played as a knockout tournament in its entirety, with the top six teams in the 2018–19 Superliga season receiving byes to the round of 16, and the remaining 20 teams starting the competition in the first round, where they were paired into 10 ties according to their league placement, with the winners advancing to the round of 16. Matchups in all rounds prior to the final were played as two-legged ties, with the team with the best placement in the league season hosting the second leg, whilst the final was played as a single match at a neutral ground. Play. On the other hand, the Petit tournament and Reclasificatorio tournament were abandoned. 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Following the advice of Argentina national football team's then coach Carlos Salvador Bilardo, the structure of play was modified in 1985. [28], In 1970, the format of the Metropolitano and Nacional underwent a reform. Island | Russland | The 2019 Copa de la Superliga Argentina (named Copa de la Superliga YPF Infinia 2019 due to sponsorship by YPF)[1] was the first edition of the Copa de la Superliga Argentina, Argentina's football league cup competition open to all 26 participants in the Superliga Argentina for the 2018–19 season. Since the first championship held in 1891, 27 different clubs have won the Primera División title at least once. 2013/14 | [38], Nevertheless, from the 2014 edition it was determined that the Superfinal would not be considered as a Primera División title but an official cup.[39]. ITV showed highlights on a regional basis with the introduction of overnight broadcasting in 1988–89. [6][45], Until the agreement with Fox and Turner was signed, Argentine football matches were broadcast nationally by El Trece, Telefe, America TV, and Channel 7. ", "Eduardo Domínguez dejó de ser el entrenador de Colón", "Carboni dejó de ser el técnico de Argentinos Juniors", "Oficial: Diego Dabove, nuevo entrenador de Argentinos Juniors", "Newell´s: De Felippe presentó la renuncia tras la derrota ante Aldosivi", "Newell's confirmó a Bidoglio como su entrenador", "Falcioni no estará en el banco de Banfield ante Unión", "Oficial: Crespo será el técnico de Banfield", "Marcelo Gómez, nuevo entrenador de Godoy Cruz", "Guillermo Barros Schelotto dejará de ser el técnico de Boca", "Mariano Echeverría renunció como DT de Tigre", "Coyette dejó de ser el técnico de San Martín (T)", "Caruso Lombardi dirigirá a San Martín de Tucumán", "Pedro Troglio dejó de ser el entrenador de Gimnasia", "Gimnasia oficializó a Darío Ortíz como reemplazante de Pedro Troglio", "Rosario Central despidió al Patón Bauza", "Oficializaron a Paulo Ferrari como nuevo técnico de Rosario Central", "Benítez dejó de ser el técnico de Estudiantes", "Milito comenzó su segundo ciclo en Estudiantes", "Echaron a Ferrari y Cetto de Rosario Central", "Cocca será el reemplazante de Ferrari en Rosario Central", "Grave lesión de Benavídez durante un entrenamiento de Independiente", "Se entregaron los premios SAF 2018-2019", J.League Cup / Copa Sudamericana Championship,–19_Argentine_Primera_División&oldid=977993083, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 September 2020, at 06:40. Teams were seeded 1–26 according to their placements in the Superliga Argentina season. The seventh and eighth team of each group, alongside four teams from regional tournaments, played the Promocional tournament, which, in 1969, was replaced by the Petit tournament contested without regional teams. In 1992 the game was held as well (this time between Newell's Old Boys and River Plate), but regardless of the result (which favored River Plate) both teams were awarded the title of Champion. Argentina placed 4th after La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy), and Bundesliga (Germany). The Argentine championship was ranked in the top 10 as one of the strongest leagues in the world (for 1 January 2015 – 31 December 2015 period) by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS). Only matches from involved teams are counted in the table. In Argentina, matches are broadcast by American companies Fox Sports and Turner, which signed a contract for 5 years where both companies agreed to pay A$ 3,200 million per year. Two player game: Player 1: - Move - Jump - Kick. Although the old system was reused in 1972, the separation was instituted again in 1973 and was adopted throughout the remaining Metropolitano and Nacional era. No teams were relegated at the end of the championship. The additional match against the main rival team in the so-called "Fecha de Clásicos" was once again omitted in this season. Single player game: or - Move. Teams from other cities would join in later years. However, they lost 1–0 in the two-legged first place playoffs and gave the title to Racing. Gibraltar | In 1995–96, the rule was changed and three points were given for a win, one for a draw and none for a loss since then. Die 16 Mannschaften spielten an 30 Spieltagen jeweils zweimal gegeneinander. This change brought about a revolution in Argentine football, as small teams, like Estudiantes de La Plata at first, and Vélez Sarsfield, Chacarita Juniors and others in later years, broke down the hegemony of the five clubs who had won all the championships up to that date. [23] The AAFL was the first football league outside of the British Isles.,[24] to establish a football league. The top six teams in the 2018–19 Superliga Argentina season entered the competition in this round, joining the 10 first round winners. 2014/15 | As the National Government allowed football competitions to return in October,[15] AFA organised the 2020 Copa de la Liga Profesional, a domestic cup conceived as a contingency competition. San Marino | Local company Torneos, who was formerly the official broadcaster of the Argentine championship from 1985 until 2009, will take over the content production of the games for Fox and La Corte will handle content production for Turner while Cablevisión, DirecTV and Telecentro will be the TV operators. [27], The averaging system for relegations was implemented for the first time in the 1957 championship,[29] with Ferro Carril Oeste becoming the first team to be relegated under that system. [16] At the end of the season, the three teams with the worst three-year averages are relegated, while the winner and runner-up of Primera Nacional championship are promoted to Primera. A single double round-robin tournament was played each year, and the team with the most points was crowned as champion, except for 1936, during that year the winners of Copa de Honor and the Campeonato played a match for the championship title. 2008/09 | 2017/18 | Channel 5 showed highlights from 1999–2003, while Premier Sports showed live games across 2011 and 2012. Rumänien | [62], Relegation at the end of the season is based on coefficients, which take into consideration the points obtained by the clubs during the present season and the two previous seasons (only seasons at the top flight are counted). Despite the format change in 1970, teams still entered the Nacional championship, Petit tournament and Reclasificatorio tournament according to their rankings in the Metropolitano in that year. It operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the Primera Nacional (Second Division), with the teams placed lowest at the end of the season being relegated. Irland | In 1985, after the Nacional was played, the Metropolitano was not held, while the new single tournament (1985/86) was played for the first time. [30] Averaging continued until 1963, when the championship returned to its old format (with the worst placed teams being relegated). The competition was planned by the Executive Committee of the Superliga Argentina throughout 2018 with a final approval being given on 12 December 2018, and was played from 12 April to 2 June 2019, after the conclusion of the Superliga season. Tschechien | Frankreich | BeIN Sports broadcasts the games live in France, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and MENA regions. The matches are broadcast in over 80 countries; ESPN (one match per week), Fox Sports (two matches per week) and TyC Sports (eleven matches per week) broadcast live Argentine Primera División matches in Latin America. The other three teams best placed in the table at the end of the tournament (2nd to 4th) are also eligible to play the Cup (2nd and 3rd for group stage, and the 4th for second stage). How to play "Football Heads: Argentina 2019/20"? Club: Estadio Libertadores de América», «Club Atlético Newell's Old Boys | Sitio Oficial del club más grande del interior | El Club | Sedes > Estadio Marcelo A. Bielsa», «Club Atlético Rosario Central | Sitio Oficial», «Estadio José Amalfitani / Vélez Sarsfield», «La Superliga tomó la esperada decisión sobre los descensos», «Se conoce el fixture de la Superliga: los detalles de cómo se jugarán los campeonatos del fútbol argentino -», «Cuándo empieza la Superliga Argentina 2019/2020», «Cómo será la clasificación a las copas Libertadores y Sudamericana de 2021», «Calendário de jogos, tabela de classificação e notícias da Superliga», Gimnasia y Esgrima de Concepción del Uruguay, Final da J.League YBC Levain Cup/CONMEBOL Sudamericana,–20_–_Primeira_Divisão&oldid=59357270, !Páginas que usam colunas de navecaixas sem a primeira coluna, Atribuição-CompartilhaIgual 3.0 Não Adaptada (CC BY-SA 3.0) da Creative Commons.

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