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"The ending feels so unceremonious to me and it doesn't feel like it's over yet," Morgan said. “It’s really heavy, it’s really deep — it talks about really heavy things like eating people and survival and having to make terrible choices about who gets to live and who gets to die and all of these things we fear might happen to us someday with climate change and scarcity of resources. We don’t want to overstay our welcome. “Always bad guys. We want to leave [the fans] wanting more. She played Kristina Davis on the soap opera General Hospital from 2012 to 2013, the grown-up daughter of Sonny Corinthos and Alexis Davis. The 100’s potential prequel would follow “a band of survivors on the ground as they learn to cope in a dangerous world while fighting to create a new and better society from the ashes of what came before.”. Raven was introduced fixing the space station. Now, we know the final episode of The 100 season 7 which is episode 16 will air on September 30th, 2020. “We were also one of the first shows that had a cast that reflected that. I didn’t anticipate the dedication of the fans.”, “Sometimes there’s quite a bit of controversy online, which I try to stay away from when it comes to people getting upset about the show,” adds Eliza Taylor, who plays the show’s lead, Clarke Griffin. "The 100" star Lindsey Morgan says the CW series was able to finish its series finale just before shutting down production in Vancouver due to the coronavirus. “I definitely had worked quite a bit playing a certain type of character for years,” Harmon says. Clarke and her friends attempt to rebuild Sanctum as a new threat rises in the woods. ... Fall TV Calendar; The 100's Final Season to Air in May. Rothenberg set the show’s tone early, establishing that “The 100” would become the sort of series where anyone could die at any time and absolutely anything could happen, no matter how nuts. She hasn't seen the original series. The showrunner responded with a lengthy post on Medium apologizing to fans, but the pain has lingered. The 100 Season 7 Spoilers. “I cannot tell you how many times women want to give me a hug,” says Adina Porter, who plays a warrior named Indra. "Isn't that crazy?". She has other stories to tell. "They told me not to watch it because they didn't want me to have any preconceived notions about it," Morgan said. Twitter was a huge part of that. David Lynch inspired a cross-country lawnmower race. We want to leave [the fans] wanting more. The final season of 'The 100' will premiere in May 2020 on The CW. In Season 1, he received death threats from fans because his character was so disliked, but now many relate to Murphy. All that development between Bellamy and Clarke was ruined in an 11-second death that came out of nowhere.”, “I don’t necessarily agree with Bellamy’s death, or a lot of other deaths,” replies Taylor, who is married to Morley in real life. Drop ‘em in a comment below. “They appreciate a badass on television. She hopes they will be able to have one later. Other Vancouver-based CW shows like Supergirl and The Flash had remaining episodes to complete. It’s a Rorschach test and it’s up to them to interpret it. Morgan grew up in Houston. As 'The 100' Season 7 … For fans, the more recent loss of Bellamy (Bob Morley), may be even worse. If you like TVLine, you'll LOVE our weekly newsletter. This show gave me the opportunity to expand what I can do as an actor because I never thought I would play a hero. Welcome to our comprehensive gift guide for the 2020 holiday season. But instead of playing into that endgame, Rothenberg had Clarke kill Bellamy to save her adopted daughter, infuriating many viewers. It’s amazing that they feel so much for these characters that we’ve worked so hard to build. Here I am seven years later and Murphy is trying his darnedest to do the right thing. Hundreds of towering giant sequoias killed by the Castle fire — a stunning loss. Even in the first season, Morgan considered Raven a landmark role. File photo by Howard Shen/UPI. The beginning of the end of The 100 is almost upon us. LOS ANGELES, May 20 (UPI) -- The 100 was on its final season when Vancouver productions began shutting down as a coronavirus precaution. America did her one better. “Bellamy’s death really affected me because it came out of nowhere,” says Jacqueline Washo, a fan from East Syracuse, N.Y. “I cried for three days straight. "For Skyline 3, they decided to expand on my character and basically what happens to me," Morgan said. “I approached it as a feature writer coming into television for the first time, as each of these seasons was a movie broken down into 13 or 16 parts. Premiering the same year as “Jane the Virgin,” it was something of an experiment for the network, which Rothenberg says has always allowed “The 100” to push the envelope as far as possible. And I cannot tell you how many Black women come up to me and thank me for wearing my hair natural on television. The space station could not sustain life much longer, so The 100 investigated the planet to see if it had become habitable again. What are your hopes for The 100’s final season? Cannibalism, human experimentation, portals that lead to other planets, mind drives that allow other people to infiltrate your brain — these are only a few of the insane things that have happened in the seven seasons of “The 100,” which comes to an end with its 100th episode on Wednesday. Still, most viewers retain a deep love for “The 100” and its characters. As TVLine previously reported, Rothenberg is currently developing a spinoff series set before the events of The 100. “They have every right to, but when they start fighting with each other I tend to step out. Outraged critics accused Rothenberg of playing into the “Bury Your Gays” phenomenon, a problematic storytelling trope in which LGBTQ characters’ lives are treated as expendable. March 4 2020, 12:00 PM PST, RELATED STORIES It makes me feel like I’m giving them a reflection that it’s possible.”, “We were one of the first shows that was on the precipice of writing really empowered, intelligent and fierce female characters,” Morgan adds. There’s also appreciation for how much Rothenberg and the writers have allowed the characters to evolve. That’s why the show changes so drastically season to season, which is one of the things I love about it.”. People can change, it’s just hard.”. I wish I could get it back and do things differently, but you can’t.”, “This show is ruthless with killing off beloved characters,” Taylor adds, emphasizing the impact the Clarke-Lexa relationship has had on the series’ LGBTQ fans, including a convention, ClexaCon, named after the pair. "I YouTubed a lot of things and a lot of things on the show are real," Morgan said. “None of those things are issues in ‘The 100.’ There’s not a lot of dialogue about any of those things. Adina Porter, left, Shannon Kook and Shelby Flannery in “The 100.”, Lindsey Morgan, left, and Tasya Teles in “The 100.”, If you must travel over Thanksgiving, here’s how to minimize the risk, Why the president likely won’t create ‘Trump TV’ after the White House. “Jokingly, I could say they gave us enough rope to hang ourselves with” Rothenberg notes. “For me, every season was designed to be almost like a new show and a new story,” says Rothenberg, who was pitched the series by the CW and wrote the pilot at the same time Kass Morgan wrote her young adult novel, on which “The 100” is loosely based. Padalecki will play the role Chuck Norris originated. “Because clearly I put out some ideas and planted some messages that we didn’t follow through on or were inflammatory. “Schitt’s Creek” star Dan Levy shares what one of People magazine’s “sexiest men” does when he’s alone in quarantine. All the cliches.”, Virgin River Stars Reflect on Jack and Mel's 'Pivotal' First Kiss Ahead of Season 2, Conan O'Brien to Exit Late-Night After 28 Years, Launch Weekly Variety Show at HBO Max — Read…, The 100 Spinoff Pilot Casts 'Rebellious' Musician, Pair of Competitive Siblings, The CW's Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot Adds The 100's Lindsey Morgan to Partner Up With Jared Padalecki. But I was always amazed by how much we got away with.”, Rothenberg hadn’t used Twitter before “The 100” premiered, and neither had most of the cast members, who began to dip their toes into the waters of social media as the series picked up steam. Andy Swift / There was a long-held assumption that he would end up with Clarke — Twitter is filled with the #Bellarke hashtag and there are numerous websites supporting their relationship. But Morgan lamented the looming shutdown left no time for the cast and crew to celebrate their seven-season journey. I needed to get to a point where there [was] a resolution to that idea, that there is something we can achieve or do to make that leap evolutionarily. "I had to actually learn what I was talking about so I could talk about it.". Morgan said The 100 cast and crew marked the moment on their tavern set with drinks and cake, but it did not feel like an official celebration. The show began in 2014 with 100 children who grew up in a space station returning to Earth. There are conventions dedicated specifically to the show and its mythology, and the cast travels all over the world for appearances at sci-fi and TV conventions. Like, way before. I’ve been watching this show for five years, Bellamy is my favorite character and he died for no reason. Happy Endings cast her as a ditzy one-night stand of a main character, and How I Met Your Mother cast her as a drunk girl on a train. reserved.PMC Entertainment. Eliza Taylor plays the lead character in “The 100,” which began in 2014 as a story about 100 teenagers sent back to Earth 97 years after a destructive nuclear war. “I watch it and I feel heavy watching it, but I’m also so obsessed and I have to know what happens next.”, “The show has always been about the idea that tribalism is bad and until you can overcome that, and realize the person on the other side of that gun is just like you, you’re going to keep perpetrating this cycle of violence that leads to apocalypse,” Rothenberg says of finding the right ending for the series. The CW's Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot Adds The 100's Lindsey Morgan to Partner Up With Jared Padalecki. We’ve actually been asking for this to be the last season for a while, because we feel like it’s time to get out while the getting’s good. After 84 episodes, a handful of time jumps and more tragic deaths than we could possibly count, the sci-fi drama will return to The CW for its seventh and final season on Wednesday, May 20 (8/7c). That’s the thing Richard Harmon, who plays Murphy, hears most at conventions. "There weren't that many roles at my age of 21, 22, Latin female that weren't categorized as dumb or hot or a sex object.". By That saddled Morgan with a lot of tech talk: "So much jargon.". Evelyn Ulrich, head journalist and site manager for “The 100” fan site Grounders Source, feels that of all the character deaths over seven seasons, Lexa’s was handled the most poorly, calling it “abrupt and sad.”, “I created a world where gender didn’t matter and race didn’t matter and sexual orientation didn’t matter,” Rothenberg responds, citing Lexa’s death as his biggest regret on the series. With Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsey Morgan. "These are the characters I want to seek out, characters of substance. They had been surviving in space nearly a century after a nuclear war on Earth. But even though this final season will mark the end of the road for Clarke, Bellamy and the rest of those no-longer-teens who arrived from space all those years ago, it isn’t the last we’ll see if The 100’s vast (and ever-expanding) universe. British Independent Film Awards Moves To February; New Talent…, March Madness Losses Mean Long-Term Budget Hits for…, 'The Godfather Coda' Trailer: Coppola Promises Re-edit Brings…, Director Sabrina Blanco on Malaga Fest Double Winner 'La Botera', A Great Weight Bench Multiplies Your Home Workout Possibilities, Copyright © 2020 TVLine Media, LLC. "They just said, 'smart, guy's girl, mechanical genius,'" Morgan said. These are quite c Here we have shared an best reviews on Top 10 Best 90-100-Inch TVs Review in 2020 in 2020. I really regret getting online and defending or explaining things.”, Kim Cattrall is done talking about Sarah Jessica Parker. Bellamy has been the male lead for seven years and his death was 11 seconds. NBC tops the prime-time TV ratings with ‘Chicago Med’ and ‘Sunday Night Football.’ Fox News rebounds from a second-place finish behind CNN on election week to win the cable network race. Weekly coronavirus cases have doubled in the last month around California. As we’ve been predicting all summer, season 7 of The 100 was expected to hit in either September or October 2020 depending on the number of episodes and season breaks. “And look out the window — we’re not far from that now, unfortunately. The 100 Season 7 premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT on The CW. ... TV. Rachel Bloom wants to talk about bullies and crazy ex-boyfriends. Fans of The 100 will get to see the series conclude as series creator Jason Rothenberg intended. “It’s one of the things I now realize I shouldn’t have done,” he says. A fictional character death has never affected me like this. What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘For Life’ on ABC; NBA Draft on ESPN, What’s on TV Wednesday, Nov. 18: The season premiere of “For Life” on ABC; NBA Draft on ESPN, Dan Levy is a ‘niche’ amuse-bouche ahead of People’s Sexiest Man Alive reveal. There is currently only one more break scheduled during The 100's final season, which will put the show on a … Copyright © 2020 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. We don’t want to overstay our welcome. “And this one wasn’t handled as delicately as it should have been.”. All of our characters defied stereotypes.”. While Rothenberg and his writers have never shied away from killing off beloved characters, often in brutal ways, the show stumbled into its first big controversy in Season 3 when Clarke’s lover, Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), died immediately after the pair consummated their relationship. What’s on TV Tuesday: Season premiere of ‘FBI’ on CBS, What’s on TV Tuesday, Nov. 17: Season premieres of “FBI” and “FBI: Most Wanted” on CBS, Obama to Trump on ’60 Minutes’: Put the country first and accept defeat, On ’60 Minutes,’ Barack Obama notes that if his kids lost a contest, then pouted and accused the other side of cheating, ‘We’d scold ‘em.’. With the CW series coming to an end on Wednesday, The Times spoke to its creator, cast and fans about one of TV's most engaged, and fraught, relationships. Morgan joined the show as a guest star in Episode 2 as Raven Reyes and was added as a main cast member in Season 2. Star Lindsey Morgan said they finished the series finale, which airs Wednesday, just in time. One of the things I want to leave the audience with is that, until we all realize we’re in this together, we’re f—.”, Where: The CWWhen: 8 p.m. WednesdayRated: TV-14-V (may be unsuitable for children under the age of 14 with an advisory for violence), ‘Chicago Med’ propels NBC to top of prime-time TV ratings for second week in a row.

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