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He married Beatrice Fieschi in 1251. As a referendum on the abolition of the monarchy was in preparation, Victor Emmanuel abdicated his throne in favour of Umberto in the hope that his exit might bolster the monarchy. [70] On 25 June 1944, the Bonomi government, which like the Badoglio government, ruled by royal degree as there was no parliament in Italy, had a royal degree issued in Umberto's name promising a Constituent Assembly for Italy after the war. [7] In a 1959 interview, Umberto told the Italian newspaper La Settimana Incom Illustrata that in 1922 his father had felt that appointing Benito Mussolini prime minister was a "justifiable risk".[8]. [34], Verso la fine del 1248, Tommaso ottenne dall'imperatore Federico II diversi feudi, tra cui i comuni di Ivrea e di Torino, cosa che ai torinesi non piacque affatto, e la nomina a Vicario imperiale per il Piemonte, come da vari documenti del Peter der Zweite, Graf von Savoyen, Markgraf in Italien. See the Relationship Finder Quick Links to check for relationships to US presidents, Mayflower passengers, Magna Carta Sureties and more. [62], Umberto in September 1944 vetoed an attempt by the Bonomi government to start an investigation of who was responsible for abandoning Rome in September 1943 as he feared that it show his father was a coward. On 3 September 1943, the British 8th Army landed on the Italian mainland at Reggio Calabria while the U.S. 5th Army landed at Salerno on 9 September 1943 a few hours after it was announced that Italy had signed an armistice. [7], Tommaso dal 1224 al 1227 fu canonico a Losanna, dal 1227 prevosto a Valence, ed infine canonico della cattedrale di Lione. [60] The British foreign secretary Anthony Eden wrote after meeting Umberto in a message to London that he was "the poorest of poor creatures", and his only qualification for the throne was that he had more charm than his charmless father. Thank you! [24] The intransigent and radical group of Fascists led by the gerarchi Roberto Farinacci who wanted to continue the war were only a minority while the majority of the gerarchi supported Grandi's call to jettison Mussolini as the best way of saving Fascism. "[12] He had a fondness for officers from well-off families. Baron Raffaele Guariglia, the Italian ambassador to Spain, contacted British diplomats to begin the negotiations. [64] In the same interview, Umberto demanded the ACC censor the Italian press to end the criticism of the royal family, and claimed he had no choice, but to support Mussolini because otherwise he would have been disinherited. [24] The way in which Victor Emmanuel mishandled the armistice was to become as almost controversial in Italy as his support for Fascism. Since you're not logged-in yet you can't make changes directly. Tommaso I di Savoia e Margherita di Ginevra.Copper engraving.+ Passepartout.1 863. 116, pag 56, Peter der Zweite, Graf von Savoyen, Markgraf in Italien, doc. [95] In northern Italy, which had been ruled by the Italian Social Republic, the charges of homosexuality made against Umberto had an impact on the voters, causing at least some conservatives to vote for the republic. Enter Savoie-275 and any other WikiTree ID to find the genealogical relationship between Tommaso II and the other person. After recognizing Henry as his suzerain, Thomas received an annual stipend of 500 marks. [50], At a meeting of the leading politicians from the six revived political parties on 13 January 1944 in Bari, the demand was made that the ACC should force Victor Emmanuel to abdicate to "wash away the shame of the past". [10], Secondo la Chronica Albrici Monachi Trium Fontium nel 1232, a Tommaso furono preclusi sia il vescovado di Losanna che l'arcivescovado di Lione (Thomas archidyaconus jam erat cassatus de episcopatu Laurensi et archiepiscopatu Lugdunensis). Philibert de Savoie, Bonne de Savoie, Adélaïde de Savoie, Eugène de Savoie, Philibert de Savoie, Bonne de Savoie, Adélaïde de Savoie, Eugene de Savoie, Feb 6 1854 - Palazzo Chiablese, Turin, Piedmont, Italy, Ferdinand Maria Alberto de Savoy, Maria Elizabeth von Saxony, King Ferdinand Maria of Sicilie di Savoia-Carignano, Princess Maria Elisabeth Maximiliana von Sachsen, Princess Isabella Marie Elisabeth von Bayern. [13] One biographer wrote of Umberto that he was "forever rushing between chapel and brothel, confessional and steam bath. [22] After her failure – she never met the American agents – she was sent with her children to Sarre, in Aosta Valley, and isolated from the political life of the Royal House. [62] As Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin were willing to see Badoglio continue as prime minister, seeing him as a force for order, Umberto could had held out for him, but as part of his efforts to distance himself from Fascism, agreed to appoint Bonomi prime minister. V, pag 204, COMTES de SAVOIE et de MAURIENNE 1060-1417 - THOMAS de Savoie, Histoire généalogique de la royale maison de Savoie, pag 255, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores, Tomus XXIII, Chronica Albrici Monachi Trium Fontium, anno 1235, pag 938, Histoire généalogique de la royale maison de Savoie, pag 242, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores, tomus XXIII, Chronica Albrici Monachi Trium Fontium, anno 1190, pag 863, Peter der Zweite, Graf von Savoyen, Markgraf in Italien, doc. [76], By late 1944, the question of whether it was the CLN or the Crown that represented the Italian people came to a head. Certainly during the war, newspapers asserted that he was homosexual, and information continued to be spread in the lead-up to the post-war referendum on the monarchy in the hope of influencing the outcome. [59], As Regent, Umberto initially made a poor impression on almost everyone as he surrounded himself with Fascist-era generals as his advisers, spoke of the military as the basis of his power, frequently threatened to sue for libel anyone who made even the slightest critical remarks about the House of Savoy, and asked the ACC to censor the press to prevent the criticism of himself or his father. Beatrix was born on From 1180 to 1167, in Geneva, Switzerland. But this final act of the thousand-year old House of Savoy must be seen as part of our national catastrophe; it is an expiation, an expiation forced upon all of us, even those who have not shared directly in the guilt of the dynasty". [80] However, Churchill during a visit to Rome in January 1945 called Umberto "a far more impressive figure than the politicians". Whenever you see Tommaso II's name on WikiTree it will be linked to the profile at where Savoie-275 is Tommaso II's unique WikiTree ID. Sfoglia parole milioni e frasi in tutte le lingue. [38] Because of what Weinberg called the "extraordinary incompetence" of Badoglio who like Victor Emmanuel had not anticipated Operation Achse until it was far too late, thousands of Italian soldiers with no leadership were taken prisoner by the Germans without resisting in the Balkans, France and Italy itself, to be taken off to work as slave labor in factories in Germany, an experience that many did not survive. Activity Feed [20], After the capitulation of France, Mussolini kept Umberto inactive as Army commander. [52] Fu sepolto nel presbiterio della cattedrale di Aosta. [64] In the same interview, Umberto stated that he wanted post-war Italy to have a government "patterned on the British monarchy, and at the same time incorporating as much of America's political framework as possible". Only the profile manager can edit this setting. In an effort to repair the monarchy's image after the fall of Benito Mussolini's regime, Victor Emmanuel transferred his powers to Umberto in 1944 while retaining the title of king. [65] Croce advised him to make a break with his father by choosing his advisers from the democratic parties, and it was due to Croce's influence that Umberto appointed Falcone Lucifero, a socialist lawyer as Minister of the Royal House. [51], In the Salò republic, Mussolini returned to his original republicanism and as part of his attack on the House of Savoy, Fascist newspapers in the area under the control of the Italian Social Republic "outed" Umberto, calling him Stellassa ("Ugly Starlet" in Piedmontese language). [23] The strike wave in Milan quickly spread to the industrial city of Turin, where the working class likewise denounced the war and Fascism. [16] Umberto conformed to his father's expectations to behave like his father was an officer and he a soldier, obediently getting down on his knees to kiss his father's hand before speaking, but privately resented what he regarded as a deeply humiliating relationship with his cold and emotionally distant father. Location Maps [independent apps] He started his career in the church as a canon at Lausanne and became prévôt of Valence by 1226. In 1252, Thomas married Beatrice Fieschi, niece of Pope Innocent IV. [43] As dire as the economic situation was in southern Italy, food shortages and inflation were even worse in northern Italy as the Germans carried out a policy of ruthless economic exploitation. This flexible tool enables you to see more ancestors and/or descendants on one page than anywhere else on WikiTree. He reigned for 34 days,[1] from 9 May 1946 to 12 June 1946, although he had been de facto head of state since 1944, and was nicknamed the May King (Italian: Re di Maggio). [62] Through the Allied occupation, the Americans were far more supportive of Italian republicanism than the British with Churchill in particular believing the Italian monarchy was the only institution that was capable of preventing the Italian Communists from coming to power after the war. [19] After the war, Umberto criticised the decision to enter the war, saying that Victor Emmanuel was too much under "Mussolini's spell" in June 1940 to oppose it. His trial was a major political event, and although he was found guilty of attempted murder, he was given a light sentence of five years in prison. Umberto was born at the Castle of Racconigi in Piedmont. Si tratta di una mappa mentale in linea gigante che serve come base per gli schemi concettuali, immagini o sintesi sinaptica. [95] Umberto himself had expected to win the referendum and was deeply shocked when the majority of his subjects chose a republic.[95]. 73 risultati per tommaso di savoia ... E0170 Aosta - Monumento Sepolcrale del Conte Tommaso II di Savoia - 1912 Stampa. He never set foot in his native land again; the 1948 constitution of the Italian Republic not only forbade amending the constitution to restore the monarchy, but until 2002 barred all male heirs to the defunct Italian throne from ever returning to Italian soil. IMPORTANT PRIVACY NOTICE & DISCLAIMER: YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO USE CAUTION WHEN DISTRIBUTING PRIVATE INFORMATION. [89] The American historian Norman Kogan cautioned the poll was of Christian Democratic members, which was not the same thing as Christian Democratic voters who tended to be "...rural, female, or generally apolitical". [103] It is, however, unclear to what extent such rumours could be substantiated. By mutual agreement, Umberto and Mussolini always kept a distance. You will need to login first. As the Allies freed more and more of Italy from the Salò regime, it became apparent that Victor Emmanuel was too tainted by his previous support of Fascism to have any further role. Badoglio went about the negotiations in a halfhearted way while allowing a massive number of German forces to enter Italy. [95] As a king, Umberto attempted to make wide use of the powers of royal pardon, trying to pardon thousands of criminals as a bid to win popularity (through Parliament blocked most of these pardons) while likewise making equally wide use of his power to grant titles of nobility as during his short reign he awarded thousands of titles of nobility to various local notables in bid to win the support of regional elites. As such, he became heir apparent upon his birth, since the Italian throne was limited to male descendants. [12], The contrast between Umberto, who was stiff and punctilious, and the more carefree and spontaneous Marie José was also much commented upon. Thomas II (c. 1199 – 7 February 1259) was the Lord of Piedmont from 1233 to his death, Count of Flanders jure uxoris from 1237 to 1244, and regent of the County of Savoy from 1253 to his death, while his nephew Boniface was fighting abroad. [21], Giovanna era al suo secondo matrimonio, avendo sposato in prime nozze, Ferdinando del Portogallo, che secondo il Roderici Toletani Archiepiscopi De Rebus Hispaniæ, Liber IX, VII, 5, RHGF XII, p. 383, era figlio del re del Portogallo, Sancho I[22] e di Dolce di Barcellona[23](1160-1198), al quale Giovanna aveva dato una figlia: Maria[24] (1231 - 1236 circa); Giovanna era vedova di Ferdinando dal 1233[24], Il matrimonio fu celebrato, nel 1237, dopo la morte della figlia di primo letto, Maria, come ci confermano gli Annales Blandinienses. Tommaso II's edit page is the central location for adding information and correcting mistakes. [69] After the liberation of Rome on 6 June 1944, the various Italian political parties all applied strong pressure on Umberto to dismiss Badoglio who had loyally served the Fascist regime until the royal coup on 25 July 1943, which resulted in the moderate socialist Ivanoe Bonomi being appointed prime minister. [78] People in the Mezzogiorno loved their king, who on the campaign trail in Sicily showed an encyclopedic knowledge of Sicilian villages which greatly endeared him to the Sicilians. [62] Umberto moved into the Quirinal Palace while at the Grand Hotel the Rome branch of the CLN met with the cabinet. [8], In quello stesso anno morì suo padre; Tommaso I morì il 1º marzo 1233; la Chronica Albrici Monachi Trium Fontium riporta che la morte di Tommaso I (comitis Thome de Sabaudia) è avvenuta nel 1232[11], mentre il documento n° DXXXVII del Regesta comitum Sabaudiae riporta la morte di Tommaso (Thomas comes Sabaudiae) al 1º marzo 1233 (1233, 1 Martii). [76] Badoglio's offer was rejected as Admiral Ellery W. Stone of the ACC was opposed to Umberto's plans to have Bonomi share power with Badoglio and Orlando as upsetting the delicately achieved political consensus for no other reason than to increase the Crown's power. You will need to login to post. Togliatti wanted the monarchy to continue as the best way of winning the Communists support after the war. [23] Adding to their worries were a number of strikes in Milan starting on 5 March 1943 with the workers openly criticising both the war and the Fascist regime which had led Italy into the war, leading to fears in Rome that Italy was on the brink of revolution. [66] Sforza wrote in his diary of his belief that Victor Emmanuel, "that little monster", had put Umberto up to the interview with the aim of discrediting his son. 159 - 162, Peter der Zweite, Graf von Savoyen, Markgraf in Italien, doc. This makes it well-suited for printing when you're doing offline research. Tommaso rimase vedovo nel 1244; sua moglie, Giovanna morì in quell'anno a Marquette[28][29]: il 5 dicembre, secondo il Necrologio Sanctæ Waldetrudis[30] e fu sepolta a Marquette, come confermano gli Annales Blandinienses[31], accanto al suo primo marito, Ferdinando. [67] Croce wrote: "The Prince of Piedmont for twenty-two years has never shown any sign of acting independently of his father. But he has a weak face and, to judge by first meeting, has not, I should say, the personality to inspire confidence and devotion in others". VI, vol. duca di Genova Tommaso Alberto Vittorio di Savoia, Prince (1854 - 1931) - Genealogy Genealogy for Tommaso Alberto Vittorio di Savoia, Prince (1854 - 1931) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. In a break with the traditions of the House of Savoy, Umberto was an intense Catholic, described by his biographer Domenico Bartoli as "almost to the point of fanaticism", but he was unable to resist what he called his "satanic" homosexual urges. [30] The American historian Gerhard Weinberg wrote that Badoglio as prime minister "...did almost everything as stupidly and slowly as possible", as he dragged out the secret peace talks going on in Lisbon and Tangier, being unwilling to accept the Allied demand for unconditional surrender. [62] However, De Gasperi admitted that though the monarchy was a conservative institution, "it was difficult to answer the argument that the monarchy had done little to serve the interests of the country or people during the past thirty years". The ambitious goal: scientific confirmation of each parent-child relationship in Tommaso II's tree. This is a great way to elicit information and photo sharing from family and old friends. [53] The fact that contrary to expectations that Togliatti and Badoglio got along very well led to widespread fears amongst liberal-minded Italians that a Togliatti-Badoglio duumvirate might emerge, forming an alliance between what rapidly was becoming Italy's largest mass party and the military. Death: Hautecombe, Savoie on Google Maps | Open Street Map. [3] The British historian Denis Mack Smith wrote that it is not entirely clear why Victor Emmanuel was prepared to sacrifice his 10-year-old son's right to succeed to the throne in favor of the Duke of Aosta. [47] Mack Smith wrote that Umberto was: "More attractive and outgoing than his father, he was even more a soldier at heart, and completely inexperienced as a politician...In personality less astute and intelligent than his father...less obstinate, he was far more open, affable and ready to learn". He was the son of Thomas I of Savoy and Margaret of Geneva. [80] In the same interview, Umberto mentioned his belief that after the war that monarchies all over the world would move towards the left, and stated that under his leadership Italy would go leftwards "in an ordered, liberal way" as he understood "the weight of the past is the monarchy's greatest handicap", which he would resolve by a "radical revision" of the Statuto Albertino. Connections Louis IX of France arrested 150 Asti merchants at the urging of his wife (and Thomas's niece) Margaret. [20] The Italian plans called for the Regio Esercito to reach the Rhone river valley, which the Italians came nowhere close to reaching, having penetrated only a few miles into France. - Nacque verso il 1252, figlio primogenito di Tommaso II; entrambi distinti col numero d'ordine benché non siano mai stati conti di Savoia. If you have sourced information about Tommaso II, the WikiTree community thanks you in advance for not leaving here without sharing it. duca di Genova; Filiberto di Savoia, IV. E-Card for Tommaso II [13], Nel 1235, suo fratello, Amedeo IV, aveva fatto un testamento, in cui stabiliva che, in mancanza di un erede maschio, il suo erede era il fratello Tommaso[14]; Tommaso, pur essendo il terzogenito, era divenuto il fratello più anziano di Amedeo, in quanto il secondogenito Umberto era morto in Ungheria, nel 1223. [95], Some monarchists advocated using force to prevent a republic from being proclaimed, even at the risk of a civil war, but Mack Smith wrote that: "Common sense and patriotism saved Umberto from accepting such counsel". Tommaso II's profile, like all WikiTree profiles, has a section for public comments. [60] More damaging, Victor Emmanuel let it be known that he regretted handing over his powers to his son, and made clear that he felt that Umberto was unfit to succeed him as part of a bid to take back his lost powers. Umberto's custom of giving a fleur-de-lis made of precious stones to favoured young officials in his entourage was well known, and Umberto's lovers may have included Jean Marais;[104] there was a former army lieutenant who published details of Umberto's advances to him. [80] The crisis ended on 12 December 1944 with Umberto appointing a new government under Bonomi consisting of ministers from four parties, the most important of which were the Communists and the Christian Democrats. [95] In his last statement as king, Umberto refused to accept the republic, saying he was the victim of a coup d'état by his ministers and the referendum had been rigged against him. III, Matthæi Parisiensis, Monachi Sancti Albani, Chronica Majora, vol. [25] Umberto was seen as supportive of these efforts to depose Mussolini, but as Ciano (who had turned against Mussolini by this point) complained in his diary the prince was far too passive, refusing to make a move or even state his views unless his father expressed his approval first. 133, pag 68, Foundation for Medieval Genealogy: conti delle FIANDRE - JEANNE de Fland, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores, tomus XXI, Necrologio Sanctæ Waldetrudis, annо 1244, pagina 619, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores, tomus V, Annales Blandinienses, anno 1244 pagina 31, Preuves de l'Histoire généalogique de la royale maison de Savoie, pagg 97 - 99, Peter der Zweite, Graf von Savoyen, Markgraf in Italien, doc. [89] On the day before the referendum, 1 June 1946, Pope Pius XII in a sermon on St. Peter's Square that was widely seen as endorsing Umberto said: "What is the problem? [77][78], In October 1944, Umberto in an interview with the New York Times stated he favored a referendum to decide whether Italy was to be a republic vs. a monarchy, instead of having the "institutional question" decided by the national assembly that would write Italy's post-war constitution. [22] Victor Emmanuel simply did not believe that Marie José was competent to serve as a diplomat. After Rome was liberated in June, Victor Emmanuel transferred his remaining constitutional powers to Umberto, naming his son Lieutenant General of the Realm. If you're a blogger who's writing a post about Tommaso II or have a Savoie family website or surname website you can include one of these widgets to illustrate his tree. This shows you the WikiTree members who have full power to access and edit Tommaso II's information. [88] In April 1946, a public opinion poll of registered members of the conservative Christian Democratic party showed that 73% were republicans, a poll that caused immense panic in the monarchist camp. Her interlocutor from the Vatican was Monsignor Giovanni Battista Montini, a senior diplomat who later became Pope Paul VI. duca di Genova, "a.k.a Thomas Albert Victor of Savoy-Carignan", Superga, Città Metropolitana di Torino, Piemonte, Italy, Duke of Genoa; Prince of Savoy, Duke of Genoa. This shows up to five generations of children and grandchildren of Tommaso II along with their spouses. One of his lovers, Enrico Montanari, remembered as a lieutenant in 1927 Turin that the prince gave him a silver cigarette lighter with the inscription reading "Dimmi di si!" V, pag 198, C.W. , sottoPrevité-Orton, "L'Italia nella seconda metà del XIII secolo", cap. [87] At the same time, Italian women were given the right to vote and to hold office for the first time, again over the opposition of the left-wing parties, who viewed Italian women as more conservative than their menfolk, and believed that female suffrage would benefit the monarchist side in the referendum. [47] Kogan wrote Victor Emmanuel's flight from Rome was "bitterly remembered" in the Nord as an act of cowardice and betrayal by the king who abandoned his people to the German occupation without a fight. [5] He made an exception when Adolf Hitler asked for a meeting. Mack Smith wrote that he called "some of the more extreme monarchists" expressed doubts about the legitimacy of the referendum, claiming that millions of voters, many of them pro-monarchist, were unable to vote because they had not yet been able to return to their own local areas to register. Use it to see who else shares your interest in Tommaso II and receives updates about changes to the profile. You'll notice colored privacy icons in search results, the Savoie surname index, etc. [16] Umberto wanted to serve in the Ethiopian war, but was prevented from doing so by his father, who did however allow four royal dukes to serve in East Africa. De Rosa was arrested and, under interrogation, claimed to be a member of the Second International who had fled Italy to avoid arrest for his political views. [79] Umberto's interview caused some controversy as it was widely feared by the republican parties that a referendum would be rigged, especially in the south of Italy. [13] The rumors were so widespread that Balbo had to visit the Quirinal Palace to meet King Victor Emmanuel III to deny them. This makes it well-suited for printing when you're doing offline research.,_Count_of_Flanders&oldid=958386156, 13th-century people from the county of Flanders, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Eleanor (died 6 December 1296), married (1270), This page was last edited on 23 May 2020, at 14:16. No single voice was raised in protest. He returned to visit the family around Easter of 1240 and was given a gift which Henry III of England extracted from the lands of Simon de Montfort. Google Play, Android e il logo di Google Play sono marchi di Google Inc. Tommaso II di Savoia e Amedeo III di Savoia, Tommaso II di Savoia e Amedeo IV di Savoia, Tommaso II di Savoia e Amedeo V di Savoia, Tommaso II di Savoia e Bonifacio di Savoia, Tommaso II di Savoia e Cattedrale di Aosta, Tommaso II di Savoia e Federico II di Svevia, Tommaso II di Savoia e Filippo I di Savoia, Tommaso II di Savoia e Giovanna di Costantinopoli, Tommaso II di Savoia e Guglielmo II d'Olanda, Tommaso II di Savoia e Guglielmo IV di Borgogna, Tommaso II di Savoia e Guglielmo VII del Monferrato, Tommaso II di Savoia e Lista di trovatori e trobairitz, Tommaso II di Savoia e Luigi I di Savoia-Vaud, Tommaso II di Savoia e Margherita di Ginevra, Tommaso II di Savoia e Pietro II di Savoia, Tommaso II di Savoia e Tommaso I di Savoia, Tommaso II di Savoia e Tommaso III di Savoia, Tommaso II di Savoia e Umberto II di Savoia (conte), Tommaso II di Savoia e Umberto III di Savoia, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo. [14] Umberto spent much of his time with the bisexual French actor Jean Marais and the boxer Primo Carnera. Is there anything you can add or improve upon? 100, pag 47, #ES Foundation for Medieval Genealogy: COMTES de SAVOIE et de MAURIENNE 1060-1417 - HUMBERT de Savoie, Matthaei Parisiensis, monachi Sancti Albani, Chronica majora: 1240-1247, Confirmatur...., pagg 259 e 260, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores, tomus IX, Genealogica Comitum Flandriæ Bertiniana, Continuatio Leidensis et Divionensis, pagina 308, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores, tomus IX, Genealogica Comitum Flandriæ Bertiniana, Continuatio Marchianensis, pagina 306, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores, tomus XXI, Gisleberti Chronicon Hanoniense, pagina 528, #ES Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores, tomus XXIII, Chronica Albrici Monachi Trium Fontium. [62] The Catholic Church was in favor of Umberto, who unlike his father, was a sincere Catholic who it was believed would keep the Communists out of power. Surnames At the urging of Louis IX of France, Thomas married Joanna, Countess of Flanders and Hainaut, widow of Ferdinand, Count of Flanders and daughter of the Latin Emperor Baldwin I, in 1237. Profile managers are alerted to new comments via email, everyone on the Trusted List will see a notice about it in their activity feeds, and people who visit Tommaso II's profile in the future will see your comment. Other allegations were made about voter manipulation, and even the issue of how to interpret the votes became controversial, as it appeared that not just a majority of those validly voting but of those votes cast (including spoiled votes), was needed to reach an outcome in the event the monarchy lost by a tight margin. Tommaso II di Savoia was born in 1199, at birth place, to Tommaso I di Savoia and Beatrix Marquerite de Savoy (born de Génova).

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