liquid pond fertilizer

Keep fertilizer … Liquid fertilizer should be mixed with water before being applied to a lake or pond. Water visibility greater than six feet, apply 3-4 gallons of 10-34-0 liquid fertilizer. This granular fertilizer is simply broadcast at a base rate of 5 pounds per acre and is much easier than messy, heavy liquids. Home / Fertilizer / Liquid Pond Fertilizer 10-34-00. Pecan Tree Fertilizer. Liquid pond fertilizer. Fertilizer- 15-5-10. Liquid Pond Fertilizer 10-34-00. Fertilizer … Share this product Category: Fertilizer . Fertilizing a pond with fish is part of good aquatic management and, when used appropriately, will increase overall pond … Where To Buy. Excess nitrogen can cause algae bloom, but it can also contaminate the water, which can affect fish. The required number of applications during the growing season will vary from one to 10 or more, depending upon the The liquid fertilizer will be heavier than the water it is being applied to, and will sink to the bottom where it will probably either be neutralized, or initiate unwanted plant growth. Biologic Perfect Pond … Granular pond fertilizers are different. Using fertilizer around fishponds must be done with care. That extrapolates to 10-15 pounds of phosphorus per surface acre of crystal clear water. Perfect Pond Plus, with a scientifically developed micronutrient package, has been developed by the pros at American Sport fish Hatchery. Fertilizer- 33-0-0/34-0-0. Related products.

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